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16-MHZ MircoADV
16-MHZ MircoADV


The SonTek 16-MHz MicroADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) is the most significant breakthrough in 3-axis (3D) current meter technology since the original SonTek ADV.

Nortek Vectrino

Nortek AS

The Vectrino is a high-resolution acoustic velocimeter used to measure 3D water velocity fluctuations within a very small sampling volume and at sample rates of up t

Model 106 Lightweight Current Meter
Model 106 Lightweight Current Meter


The Model 106 Current Meter is a light weight, cost effective impeller current meter, designed for real time current measurement or short to medium term autonomous d

Nortek Vectrino Profiler
Vectrino Profiler

Nortek AS

As the name suggests, this velocimeter is the profiling version of the Vectrino system. The Vectrino Profilers strength lies in collecting a small profile of up to 3

Marotte HS Drag-Tilt Current Meter
Marotte HS Drag-Tilt Current Meter

Marine Geophysics Laboratory

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