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IP-S2 HD (superseded)

Case Studies
Scanning the Horizon - One would be hard-pressed to develop a more cogent business model: familiarize yourself with a particular industry, form a company committed to serving that industry, take steps to ensure you have the latest technology available to help you offer a unique product or service, and provide a level of support so solid your contribution is both needed and valued. Mapping the Meridian - The Prime Meridian is one of Britain‘s most unique geographical features. As the zero line for longitude, mapping around the world is based on this line. Mapping Moscow - An ambitious project in Moscow has used Topcon’s IP-S2 Compact+ mobile mapping system to map around 6,000 km (3.700 miles) of roads to produce 3D panoramas for public web portals and special GIS projects. Cars, trains And mobile mapping - Wisconsin railway uses mobile scanning system to identify potential clearance issues.
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