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SonarWiz 7 Office Data Acquisition Suite

Case Studies
A NOVEL APPROACH TO SURVEYING STURGEON USING SIDE-SCAN SONAR AND OCCUPANCY MODELING “An EdgeTech 4125-P sidescan sonar was used with SonarWiz software to survey six coastal rivers in North Carolina and South Carolina, to determine site occupany rates for Atlantic sturgeon.” UNDERWATER SURVEYS OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN VERMONT “This 2004 paper describes a sonar mapping project, using both sub-bottom and sidescan sonar, to chart historical artifacts, bottom bathymetry, and underwater slumps. Klein 3000 digital sidecan sonar and an Edgetech 3100 system with SB-216 sub-bottom CHIRP profiler at 2-16khz were used. This CHIRP unit gets 80m penetration in clay!” ANALYSIS OF THE FOUR BROTHERS SLUMP, LAKE CHAMPLAIN – IDENTIFYING “AT RISK” LOCATIONS “This 2012 research paper investigates the composition and age of the Four Brothers Slump in Lake Champlain, as well as the possibility that a seismic event, circ. 2600-3800 BP, created the slump. Research was conducted using the Edgetech model SB216 swept frequency CHIRP, and the seismic profiles processed and key reflectors digitized using SonarWiz.” MERIDIAN PIPELINE SURVEY – MASSACHUSETTS BAY, BOSTON, MA “This open water survey collected sonar imagery over a 10 mile stretch of LNG pipelines in order to find any exposed areas of these pipelines. Chesapeake’s SonarWiz software was the enabling technology that was utilized to render the high-resolution sonar images acquired during the missions.” DRAMATIC IMAGES OF AN UNEXPECTED SHIPWRECK DISCOVERY “High resolution Klein 5000 images of an unexpected discovery in Holland were collected, while on a routine sonar test run.”
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