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Product Name:Argonaut-XR
Product Description:The Argonaut-XR is ideal for near-shore deployments in less than 40 m of water. Designed for mounting near-shore or a harbor, the XR features a special mode that automatically adjusts one of its measurement cells for changing water level.
Year of last update:
Length [m]:0.15
Width [m]:0.15
Height [m]:0.18
Weight in air [kg]:2.5
Weight in water [kg]:-0.3
Min. operating power [V]:7
Max. operating power [V]:15
Max. operating depth [m]:200
Max. battery lifetime [days]:220
True Bottom Tracking Capability:N
Max. speed of boat [km] :
Max. range to bottom [m]:
Doppler Current Profiler 
Center working frequency [kHz]:750 or 1500 or 3000
Max. typical profiling range [m]:40
Number of beams:3
Nadir angle [deg]:25
Max. Number of cells per beam:10
Min. blanking distance [m]:0.2
Lost data at far boundary [%]:
Max. ping rate [Hz]:1
Min. vertical resolution [m]:0.2
Min. cell size [m]:0.2
Max. cell size [m]:15
Cell overlap [%]:50
Max. velocity [m/s]:6
Speed dependent uncertainty: horizontal [%]:1
Speed independent uncertainty: horizontal [cm/s]:0.5
Speed dependent uncertainty: vertical [%]:1
Speed independent uncertainty: vertical [cm/s]:0.5
Surface reference capability:Y
Surface current measurement:N
Compensation for sound speed:Y
Single ping rejection of outliers :Y
Uncertainty of single ping horizontal velocity for default cell size [cm/sec]:
Uncertainty of single ping vertical velocity for default cell size [cm/sec]:
Standard Sensors 
Temperature: min [°C]:-5
Temperature: max. [°C]:45
Temperature: uncertainty [°C]:0.1
Tilt: max. [deg]:60
Tilt: uncertainty [deg]:1
Compass type :Magnetic
Deployment method 
Moving vessel:N
Bottom mount:Y
Inline string mooring:N
Data Buoy:N
Marine structures:N
Auxiliary Sensors 
Acoustic modem:N
Relocation of transponder:N
Wave direction:N
Speed of sound:N
Other specifications 
Real-time interfacing:RS232; RS422; SDI-12; Modbus
Min. external power [Voltage]:110
Max. external power [Voltage]:240
Max. cable length [m]:1500
Baudrate [kbit/s]:115.2
External battery container:Y
Data acquisition software and processing software:Variable: dependent on application; ViewArgonaut
Typical applications:Coastal water oceanography; waves; port and harbours; fisheries monitoring and assesment; low-cost applications

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Supplier Information
  • SonTek

  • 9940 Summers Ridge Rd
  • 92121-3091 San Diego
  • California
  • United States of America



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