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TerraSAR-X/ TanDEM-X

Product Name:TerraSAR-X/ TanDEM-X
Year of introduction:2007
Number of satellites :2
Altitude [km]:514
Weight [kg]:1230
Launch Venue:Baikonur Cosmodrome; Kazakhstan
Inclination [deg]:97.440
Nadir revisit frequency [days]:11
Expected life-time [years]:5.5
Sensor Arrangement:Area Array
Intensity range [bits]:16
Panchromatic :N
Global Coverage:Y
Swath Width [km]:100
Off-nadir Range [km]:
Min. scene size [km x km]:5 x 5
Max. scene size [km x km]:100 x 150
Stereo :
File formats:COSAR binary format; Geotiff
Provided by third parties:Y
Deliverable medium:FTP; DVD; direct access service
Metric uncertainty  
Raw image [m]:
Corrected for distortions [m]:
Geo-referenced image [m]:
Orthorectified image [m]:0.2
Required computer system 
RAM memory [GB]:1
Mass storage capacity [Gb]:10
Graphic card [Gb]:0.5
Special software:Remote sensing image processing software in most cases sufficient; for typical radar applications and analysis most software providers offer radar tools - dedicated radar software recommended
Training facilities:Y
Main applications:reconnaissance; emergency response; marine applications (ship detection; oil spill detection; etc.); interferometry (e.g. surface movement monitoring)
Distinguishable features:Approximately objects the size of 1 car; radar has a special sensitivity to metal objects leading to a detectability of objects of sub-pixel dimensions.

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Airbus Defence and Space

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