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Product Name:IPS4.1
Product Description:
Year of Introduction:2008
Year of last update:2014
Supported hardware :GPU
User definable operations and extensions:Esri Arcmap
Other input data supported:All
Classification in general 
Max. number of bands:4
Ancillary data integration :N
Sub-pixel classification:N
Training sample selection:N
Accuracy assessment:Y
Pixel-based classification 
Unsupervised classification:N
Supervised classification:N
Vegetation index:N
Principal component analysis:N
Object-based classification 
Line extraction:N
Region growing segmentation:N
Multiresolution image segmentation:N
Multiscale approach:Y
Geometric processing 
Correction models:Y
Cartographic projections:N
Ortho-image generation using DEM:Y
Geometric accuracy assessment :Y
Radiometric and image processing 
Radiometric corrections:Y
Spatial convolutions:Y
Image transforms:N
Morphological operations :N
Filtering of radar imagery:N
Manual removal and addition of points; lines; polygons:Y
Addition of text and symbols:Y
Overlay with map data:Y
Main users :Photogrammetric Production/GIS Shops, UAV Consultants, Agricultural Consultants, UAV users
Main applications:Orthoproduction, aerial mapping, DEM generation, 3D point cloud generation, UAV image production/processing
Distinguishable features:Large-scale/area solution, Complete photogrammetric workflow, scalable pricing, 3D/oblique solutions, Mosaic color-balancing and feathering

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Supplier Information
  • Icaros, Inc

  • 4100 Monument Corner Dr. - Suite 520
  • 22030 Fairfax
  • Virginia
  • United States of America



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