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uSMART Softcopy System

Product Name:uSMART Softcopy System
Product Description:
Year of introduction:2000
Year of last update:2016
Modular :base mapping; softcopy base; raster; 3D stereo; orthophoto; autocorrelation; AT; mass data
Regional settings available:
License configuration:
Required Computer System 
System includes hardware:N
Operating system(s):Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64 bit)
CPU (min.):2.5GHz
CPU (preferred):4.2GHz
Min. RAM memory [Mb]:4000
Preferred RAM memory [Mb] :16000
64-bit version of software available:
Distributed processing capacity:Y
GPU based calculations:N
Min. data storage capacity [Gb]:not applicable
Preferred data storage capacity [Gb]:not applicable
Min. graphic card:NVIDIA Quadro
Preferred graphic card:
Supported special hardware:joysticks; 3D mouse; hand/foot wheels; Z screen; Planar; DTI; stereo LCDs
User definable operations and extensions:scripts; macros; C; C++
Viewing System 
Min. display memory [Mb] :256
Pref. display memory [Mb]:256
Resolution:1024x768 upwards
Method of stereo image separation:anaglyph; split screen; page flipping (passive or active); auto-stereo; line/column interleaved; mirorred beamsplitter
Images and data 
Supported image sources :satellite, aerial and ground-based; pushbroom (e.g. ADS40 or satellite); composite; metric and small frame cameras
Input image formats:all major formats
Export data formats :many; DGN; DXF; DWG; ASCII; LAS; XML
Scanned analogue Aerial Photos :Y
Digital Aerial Nadir Frames:Y
Oblique Images:Y
Linear array sensors :Y
Optical Satellite Images :Y
UAS Images :Y
Radar Images :Y
Image manipulation & processing 
Automatic contrast manipulations:Y
Spatial convolution:Y
Resampling :nearest neighbour; bilinear; cubic
Radiometric corrections:Y
Radiometric adjustment for mosaicing:Y
Orientation and triangulation 
Automatic interior:Y
Automatic aerotriangulation:Y
Automated blunder detection :Y
Self calibration :N
Automatic Relative:Y
images simultaneously processed:Y
DEMs & Orthoimages 
Automatic matching :area-based; least squares; cross-correlation; hierarchical
Automatic breakline extraction :N
Checking facilities (DEM editing) :Y
Automatic contour generation:Y
Mosaicing of orthoimages :Y
True orthoimage generation:Y
Dense DSM creating capability:Y
DSM to DTM filtering:Y
Automatic seam line creation:N
Dense Image Matching:Y
Feature Extraction and Mapping 
Mapping facilities:Y
Semi-automatic corner point extraction:N
Semi-automatic line feature extraction:N
Semi-automatic building extraction:N
3D superimposition:Y
Integration with scanned maps :Y
Integration with 2D vector maps :Y
Integration with 3D vector maps :Y
Integration with point clouds :Y
Automatic Texturing :Y
Measurement tools 
More information 
Main applications :fully integrated LiDAR in stereo photogrammetry; processes thousands of orthophotos fully automatically using distributed processing; very fast image and point cloud processing including close range; powerful mapping capabilities.
Distinguishable features:powerful; cost effective; highly efficient; full support of LiDAR (point cloud) data in stereo; 3D city modelling

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Supplier Information
  • SmartTech

  • 34 Firgrove Way - Constantia Hills
  • 7806 Cape Town
  • Western Cape
  • South Africa



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