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Product Name:SSS-100K/600K
Product Description:
Year of introduction:2005
System Description 
System type:Stand alone
Mode of operation:Dual frequency
Location of digitation:Sonar Processor
Transceiver and recorder 
Model name:Off the shelf DVD
Min. AC power [V]:120
Max. AC power [V]:220
Min. DC power [V]:12
Max. DC power [V]:12
Power consumption [W]:60
Data processing and imaging capabilities:Measurement; annotation; contact listing; editing; image export
Standard system interfacing capabilities:NMEA Nav input; Analogue Trigger
Generation of firing trigger:Tranceiver Unit
Model identification:SSS-100K/600K
Length [m]:1.2
Width [m]:0.114
Height [m]:0.114
Weight in air [kg]:25
Max. depth rating [m]:150
Transducer type and material:focused piezoceramic
Materials used:high impact PVC & stainless
Fish height from seabed determination method:First bottom return
Deployment methods:Towed; overside mounted
Depression technique:depressor wing
Cable and winch 
Type of Cable supported:co-axial
Max. length of cable [m]:300
Winch type recommended:powered or manual
Operating frequencies 
Min. frequency [kHz]:100
Max. frequency [kHz]:1200
Min. pulse length [µs]:25
Max. pulse length [µs]:100
Source level [dB] :222
Max. range [m]:600
Min. beam width [deg]:1
Max. beam width [deg]:1
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:40
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:40
Min. depression angle [deg]:10
Max. depression angle [deg]:10
Max. horizontal resolution [cm]:3
Max. vertical resolution [cm]:
Max. operating speed [kt]:3
More information 
Application:Salvage operations; Search and Rescue; Law enforcement; underwater construction; dredging
Distinguishable features :Adjustable transducer option for hull inspection; XTF file format

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