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Sonic 2020

Product Name:Sonic 2020
Date of first release:2013
Mounting and deployment 
Mounting:Hull mounted & Portable
Physical properties of transducer head 
Length [m]:0.15
Width [m]:0.15
Height [m]:0.15
Min. external power [V]:48
Max. external power [V]:48
Max. power consumption [W]:20
Used Sonar Methods 
Type of system:Wideband Multibeam Echosounder
Bottom Detection Method:Amplitude or phase
System Parameters 
Min. frequency [kHz]:200
Max. frequency [kHz]:400
Number of selectable frequencies:200
Min. depth [m]:0.5
Max. depth [m]:100
Depth resolution [mm]:12.5
Max. Slant Range [m]:1200
Max. swath as a function of depth:4
Max. measurements per ping:256
Ping frequency [Hz]:60
Min. beam width across track [deg]:2
Min. beam width along track [deg]:2
Bottom Coverage 
Footprint in nadir direction [m]:
Footprint at max. horizontal range [m]:
Smallest identifiable cube [m3]:
Max. swath width [m]:130
Equal footprint spacing:Y
Max. number of points per ping for side scan operation:10000
RMS of nadir depth measurement [m]:
Intended S44 order:Special
Max. survey speed for specified RMS [kt]:
Speed of sound 
Real-time correction of refraction at transducer head:Y
Real-time integration of SV-profile:Y
Explanation of SV-profile application process:Through acquisition software
Motion compensation 
Motion sensors compatible to the system:TSS1 protocol, Applanix POS-MV, IXSea
Required pitch uncertainty [deg]:0.1
Required roll uncertainty [deg]:0.1
Required heave uncertainty [m]:0.05
Compatible software:Hypack, QINSy, EIVA, Triton, Starfix, Fledermaus, CARIS.
Compatible hardware:Motion; Heading; SVP; GPS
Real-time access procedure:Online Software; Gigabit Ethernet
Maintenance criteria 
Mean time before failure [hr]:
Mean time to repair [hr]:
More information 
Distinguishable features:R2Sonic innovates, competitors follow

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Supplier Information
  • R2sonic

  • 5307 Industrial Oaks Blvd. - Suite 120
  • 78735 Austin
  • TX
  • United States of America



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