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Product Name:Bluefin-9M
Length [m]:2.5
Width [m]:0.23
Height [m]:0.23
Min. weight of AUV in air [kg]:70
Max. Weight of AUV in air [kg]:
Crane required:N
Maximum payload [kg]:
Maximum depth rating [m]:300
Number of thrusters:1
Thruster specifications:Gimbaled, ducted thruster for propulsion & control
Hovering capabilities:
Min. turning radius [m]:2.63
Launch and recovery system:2 man launch, A-frame; Winch; RHIB; Crane; Ramp
Max. speed [kn]:5.00
Min. crew size :2
Min. required number of surface computers:1
Required size of storage room:
Other requirements:Bluefin Operator Tool Suite (software); Training Course
Navigation and Payload 
Navigation sensors - standard:INS, DVL, GPS, sound velocity sensor, temperature, and pressure sensor
Navigation sensors - optional:IMU/compass
Payload sensors - standard:Dual frequency side scan sonar with Interferometric bathymetry, video camera, optical backscatter sensor
Payload sensors - optional:Multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar, still camera, turbidity sensor, fluorometer, upward looking ADCP, CTD, empty payload with standard payload interface specification for customer-integration of payload
Total energy content [Wh]:1500
Nominal battery power [W]:125
Endurance at nominal power [hr]:10
Battery swap possible:Y
Recharge time from empty [hr]:6
Telemetry and Control 
Acoustic telemetry:Y
Acoustic baud rate [bit/s]:
Radio telemetry:Y
Radio baud rate [bit/s]:
Max. Baud rate of ethernet connection [Mb/s]:100
Data sent to the surface:Vehicle position, speed, attitude; health, battery capacity, overall status, software status detail, payload status; compressed payload data optional
Control parameters sent to the AUV:Mission abort, mission start, emergency thruster stop, power circuit control
Emergency recovery procedure:Backup acoustic tracking transponder, ballasted positively buoyant, visible strobe and RDF when surfaced
More information 
Applications:Hydrographic surveys; Inshore Survey; Environmental Protection; Monitoring; Mine Countermeasures (MCM); Port & Harbor Security
Distinguishable features :Removable, swappable battery and data storage module to keep mission turnaround time less than 30 minutes. Modular free-flooded architecture for ease of maintenance and repair.
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