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Product Name:HY1600
Product Description:
Year of initial development:2002
Max. power consumption [W]:30
Min. external DC power [V]:10
Max. external DC power [V]:25
Min. external AC power [V]:180
Max. external AC power [V]:260
Weight in air [kg]:1.50
Width [m]:0.08
Length [m]:0.08
Height [m]:0.08
Logging unit 
Weight [kg]:9.8
Width [m]:0.400
Length [m]:0.330
Height [m]:0.165
Portability:Desktop, Portable, Rack
Mode of operation 
Software platform:Other
Min. depth of operation [m]:0.3
Max. depth of operation [m]:300
Min. frequency [kHz]:24
Max. frequency [kHz]:208
Number of simultaneous frequencies:1
Standard power output [W]:100
Min. power output [W]:
Max. power output [W]:
Min. beam angle [deg]:8
Max. beam angle [deg]:8
Depth resolution [m]:0.01
Depth-dependent uncertainty [%]:0.10
Max. sounding rate [Hz]:20
Min. pulse length [ms]:-0.050
Max. pulse length [ms]:0.400
Dynamic range [dB]:80
System integration 
Remote operation capability:Y
Supported external data inputs :heave, position
Marking of events and other annotations:Y
Real-time sound velocity and temperature profile inclusion:N
Real-time coupling to survey/post-processing software:Y
Data displayed in real time:Depth
Data output options:Raw data; transducer and motion-corrected depth
Data output formats:DESO 25; Echotrac
Data output for sea floor classification:N
Data display details:Back-lighted graphical LCD module
Connectors:RS232, RS485
Other specifications 
Internal data logging details:Thermal paper
Main use of the system:HY1600 is a portable, precision survey echosounder for surveying in inland water, rivers, coastal areas and in other rugged conditions. Digital processing enables the instrument to offer fully automatic bottom digitzing capabilities. The LCD displays a valid digital depth when a firm bottom has been locked. A RS-232/RS485 serial port interfaces to some external computer or GPS system and motion sensors and make the autosurveying possible. Feature of this instrument: Adjustable pulse width / power / sensitivity/TVG DSP Technical / Underwater automatic tracking skill Standard RS232/485 serial data output pairs Can be accessed by DGPS / PC / peripheral swell compensators, etc. Self / keyboard setting parameters / off memory function Thermal recording / LCD Display / manual and automatic commutation function Automatic calibration / Note label / time / GPS coordinates / swell value Main Technical Specifications: Frequency:208KHz Survey Range:0.3m-300m Accuracy:0.1% Resolution:1cm Output power:100W Power Req:10VDC-25VDC Transducer:208KHz-8 deg Recording: 8.5''/216mm Thermal printer and LCD display Chart speed: auto/1-20cm/min adjustable Data Output: 2 ports via RS232/485 Phasing: Manual/Auto Scale Change Weight: 9.8kg Miscellaneous: AGC/TVG, Auto-mark, Draft/velocity/Blanking adjustable Host Dimension:460×360×190mm Weight:12kg Transducer Dimension:Φ80×26mm Weight:1.5kg Cable Length:10m(adjustable) Measuring rod Dimension: 3×0.7m Weight:5kg

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Supplier Information

Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co.Ltd

  • No. 18 Liangxi Road
  • 214061 Wuxi Jiangsu
  • China



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