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Product Name:HY1601
Product Description:
Year of initial development:2004
Max. power consumption [W]:50
Min. external DC power [V]:24
Max. external DC power [V]:24
Min. external AC power [V]:220
Max. external AC power [V]:220
Weight in air [kg]:1.5
Width [m]:0.800
Length [m]:0.800
Height [m]:0.800
Logging unit 
Weight [kg]:12
Width [m]:0.400
Length [m]:0.310
Height [m]:0.130
Portability:Desktop, Portable, Rack
Mode of operation 
Software platform:Windows XP
Min. depth of operation [m]:0.3
Max. depth of operation [m]:300
Min. frequency [kHz]:24
Max. frequency [kHz]:208
Number of simultaneous frequencies:1
Standard power output [W]:200
Min. power output [W]:200
Max. power output [W]:500
Min. beam angle [deg]:8
Max. beam angle [deg]:8
Depth resolution [m]:0.01
Depth-dependent uncertainty [%]:0.10
Max. sounding rate [Hz]:20
Min. pulse length [ms]:0.050
Max. pulse length [ms]:0.400
Dynamic range [dB]:85
System integration 
Remote operation capability:N
Supported external data inputs :heave, position
Marking of events and other annotations:Y
Real-time sound velocity and temperature profile inclusion:N
Real-time coupling to survey/post-processing software:Y
Data displayed in real time:Depth
Data output options:Raw data; transducer and motion-corrected depth
Data output formats:NMEA; DESO 25; Echotrac DBT
Data output for sea floor classification:N
Data display details:Back-lighted graphical LCD module
Other specifications 
Internal data logging details:Thermal paper
Main use of the system:HY1601 Echo Sounder System, based on the computer platform, with DSP and digital imaging technology, embedded industrial control system and data acquisition software, is a portable and integrated digital echo sounding system. Its main features are as follows: Standard computer for easy operation interface and data storage, advanced bottom digitizer, internal large storage of data to file with time reference, digitized depth, position heave and annotations and it can compatible with all survey software like HYPACK, EIVA and any other software package. It is a perfect choice for surveying in the river, lake and ocean. Features: Based on the computer platform TVG/AVG dynamic adjustment, reinforced anti- jamming ability Low noise receiving ability and space filter, Time filter adjustment High speed USB interface, huge storage capacity Echogram output for real time display, storage, playback and printing Multi-ports Communications for GPS, motion sensors and so on Bundled data acquisition software like HYPACK, EIVA. AC/DC Power supply Parameters: Specifications Frequency: 208KHZ Transducer Beam: High band: 208KHZ, <= 8 degrees Depth range: 0.3m-300m @ 208KHZ Accuracy: 0.01m ± 0.1% @ 208K Output power: 200W @ 208K Input Power : 22-31V DC or 180-260V AC Consumption Power: 100W Recorder: Large capability hard disk storage Composition Main Unit Dimensions: 400 × 130 × 310mm Weight: 12kg Transducer Weight: 1.5kg Cable Length: 10m (adjustable) Supporting Tube: Dimensions: 3 × 0.7m Weight: 5kg

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Supplier Information

Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co.Ltd

  • No. 18 Liangxi Road
  • 214061 Wuxi Jiangsu
  • China