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Product Name:HY1602
Product Description:
Year of initial development:2005
Max. power consumption [W]:100
Min. external DC power [V]:24
Max. external DC power [V]:24
Min. external AC power [V]:220
Max. external AC power [V]:220
Weight in air [kg]:20
Width [m]:0.08
Length [m]:0.08
Height [m]:0.08
Logging unit 
Weight [kg]:17.5
Width [m]:0.200
Length [m]:0.400
Height [m]:0.310
Portability:Desktop, Portable, Rack
Mode of operation 
Software platform:Windows XP
Min. depth of operation [m]:0.5
Max. depth of operation [m]:2000
Min. frequency [kHz]:24
Max. frequency [kHz]:208
Number of simultaneous frequencies:2
Standard power output [W]:
Min. power output [W]:200
Max. power output [W]:500
Min. beam angle [deg]:22
Max. beam angle [deg]:22
Depth resolution [m]:0.01
Depth-dependent uncertainty [%]:0.10
Max. sounding rate [Hz]:20
Min. pulse length [ms]:0.050
Max. pulse length [ms]:0.400
Dynamic range [dB]:85
System integration 
Remote operation capability:Y
Supported external data inputs :heave, position
Marking of events and other annotations:Y
Real-time sound velocity and temperature profile inclusion:N
Real-time coupling to survey/post-processing software:Y
Data displayed in real time:Depth
Data output options:Raw data; transducer and motion-corrected depth
Data output formats:NMEA; DESO 25; Echotrac DBT
Data output for sea floor classification:N
Data display details:Echogram on PC screen
Connectors:LAN, RS232
Other specifications 
Internal data logging details:HDD, Thermal paper
Main use of the system:HY1602 Dual Frequency Echo Sounder System, with DSP and digital imaging technology, embedded industrial control system and data acquisition software, is an all-in-one PC based dual frequency echo sounder, which can output both echogram and chart paper result simultaneously. Its main features as follows: Standard computer for easy operation interface and data storage, advanced bottom digitizer, internal large storage of data to file with time reference, digitized depth, position heave and annotations. It is a perfect choice for surveying in the river, lake, ocean and so on. Featuers: Dual Frequency,and Double channel Output both echogram and chart paper result simultaneously Based on the computer platform and have a slave display TVG/AVG dynamic adjustment, reinforced anti- jamming ability Low noise receiving ability and space filter, Time filter adjustment High speed USB interface, huge storage capacity Echogram output for real time display, storage, playback and printing Multi-ports Communications for GPS, motion sensors and so on Bundled data acquisition software like HYPACK, EIVA. AC/DC Power supply Specifications Frequency: 208KHZ/24KHZ Transducers Beam: High Fre. 208KHZ, <= 8 degrees Low Fre. 24KHZ, <= 20degrees Depth range for Hi Fre.: 0.5m-300m @ 208KHZ Depth range for Low Fre.: 1m-2000m @ 24KHZ Accuracy: 0.01m ± 0.1% @ 208K 0.10m ± 0.1% @ 24K Output power: 200W @ 208KHZ 500W @ 24KHZ Power Supply: 22-31V DC or 180-260V AC Consumption Power: 100W Recording: Echogram Large capability hard disk storage and Thermal chart paper recording Composition Main Unit Dimensions: 400 × 200 × 310mm Weight: 17.5kg Transducer Weight: 20kg Cable Length: 15m (adjustable) Supporting Tube: Dimensions: 3× 1.5m Weight:13kg

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Supplier Information

Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co.Ltd

  • No. 18 Liangxi Road
  • 214061 Wuxi Jiangsu
  • China



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