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Solstice 3000L

Product Name:Solstice 3000L
Product Description:
Year of introduction:2012
System Description 
System type:Integrated
Mode of operation:Single frequency
Location of digitation:Antenna
Transceiver and recorder 
Model name:Solstice 3000L
Min. AC power [V]:
Max. AC power [V]:
Min. DC power [V]:18
Max. DC power [V]:75
Power consumption [W]:18
Data processing and imaging capabilities:The fundamental technologies include: Multi-path Suppression Array Technology (MSAT), Dynamic focusing, Multi-Ping Multi-Look (MPML) and Real-time Array Calibration (RTAC) Side-scan and bathymetry data is processed onto waterfall or mosaic displays, either in a post processing stage or in real time
Standard system interfacing capabilities:Support for Solstice Waterfall Format (SWF) and Triton XTF format. Mosaics generation using the KML format.
Generation of firing trigger:Software and Hardware trigger options
Model identification:
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:
Max. depth rating [m]:
Transducer type and material:
Materials used:
Fish height from seabed determination method:
Deployment methods:
Depression technique:
Cable and winch 
Type of Cable supported:
Max. length of cable [m]:
Winch type recommended:
Operating frequencies 
Min. frequency [kHz]:725
Max. frequency [kHz]:775
Min. pulse length [µs]:1000
Max. pulse length [µs]:1000
Source level [dB] :220
Max. range [m]:100
Min. beam width [deg]:0.15
Max. beam width [deg]:0.15
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:80
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:80
Min. depression angle [deg]:7
Max. depression angle [deg]:12
Max. horizontal resolution [cm]:2.5
Max. vertical resolution [cm]:10
Max. operating speed [kt]:6
More information 
Application:Shallow water operations including: Cable/pipeline surveys, geological/geophysical surveys, channel clearance, search and recovery
Distinguishable features :Low power, large swath, high resolution

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