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I-Site 8200

Product Name:I-Site 8200
Product Description:
Year of introduction:2013
Height [m]:0.415
Depth [m]:0.216
Width [m]:0.378
Total weight [kg]:11.9
Laser Ranger 
Range measurement principle :pulse
Wavelength [nm] :
Laser safety classification:1
Min. Range [m]:1
Max. Range [m]:500
Range uncertainty (constant part) [mm]:8
Range uncertainty (variable part) [ppm]:
Beam diameter at exit [mm]:8
Beam divergence [mrad]:0.25
Spot at 50 m distance [mm]:12
Intensity recording [bits]:12
Hits per point before averaging:1
Scanning Characteristics 
Max. vertical field of view [deg]:125
Max. horizontal field of view [deg]:360
Min. horizontal step size [deg]:0.025
Min. vertical step size [deg]:0.025
Uncertainty of horizontal step size [deg]:0.001
Uncertainty of vertical step size [deg]:0.001
Beam deflection mechanism:rotating mirror
Max. measurement rate [kHz]:40
Min. scan duration with typical resolution [min]:2
Scan duration with highest resolution [min]:
Operation Characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:50
Humidity range [%]:100
Internal Camera:N
Control panel built in:Y
Battery type:internal
Scan time per battery [h]:2.5
External Camera:N
Export formats of camera image:
User interface:Integrated/tablet
Specifications:Panasonic toughbook for parameter definition, scan management and viewing
Additional sensors:Inclination sensors; compass, L1 GPS
Registration/orientation methods:Conventional surveying; matching surface feature/points; N-point; underground boom-frame
Software Functionality 
Software name:I-Site Studio
Automatic detection of tie points:Y
Real time visualization during scanning:Y
Fitting of primitives:Y
Specification of primitives:lines; planes; circles
Max. size of model [million points]:22
Training facilities:
Main users :mining; general survey; forensics; civil survey; earthworks
Main applications :Underground stopes Development drives Geological mapping Pre & post shotcrete Stockpiles Indoor/outdoor silo
Distinguishable features :125-degree scanning aperture 3D view in scan control software Portable, weighs <12 kg Rated to IP65 for reliable operation underground Onboard, easy-to-use scan controls USB scan storage for simple file transfer Intuitive software for modelling laser scan data Range of mounting kits for mobile scanning Extendable 10m carbon fibre boom

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Supplier Information
  • Maptek

  • 31 Flemington Street
  • 5065 Glenside
  • SA
  • Australia



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