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Product Name:3200
Product Description:
Product type:Sub-bottom Profiler
Components to be used in combination with product :Topside
Year of initial development:1995
Application:High Resolution
Max power consumption [W]:250
Power type:AC
Transducer weight [kg]:204
Transducer length [m]:1.6
Transducer width [m]:1.24
Transducer height [m]:0.47
Weight of logging unit [kg]:45.0
Length of logging unit [m]:0.600
Width of logging unit [m]:0.500
Height of logging unit [m]:0.500
Portability of logger:Desktop
Mode of operation 
Platform type:Side Mounted, Pole Mounted, Surface Towed, Deep Towed, Towed, AUV, ROV
Operating System:Windows
Min. depth of operation [m]:1
Max. depth of operation [m]:300
Min. frequency [Hz]:500
Max. frequency [Hz]:12000
Signal composition:Chirp
Power output [W]:4000
Max. resolution [m]:0.080
Max. penetration [m]:200
Max. pulse rate [Hz]:18
Max. pulse length [s]:0.10000
Dynamic range [dB]:120
Heave corrected:N
Pitch corrected:N
Roll corrected:N
Data Processing 
Data displayed :Depth of towfish; depth of penetration; thickness; classification; speed; position
Main use:Sediment classification; pre/post dredging; pipeline surveys; buried object location; etc.
Data output :Raw and match-filtered data
Data output for seafloor classification:Y
Connections:LAN, Monitor, Printer, RS232, USB
Internal logging:Hard drive, Solid state
Post-processing:Stacking; classification; volume; detection
Integration in work process 
Remote operation:Y
External heave input:Y
External roll input:Y
External pitch input:Y
External positioning input:Y
Marking of events:Y
Real time coupling to survey software:Y
Coupling to post-processing software:Y

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Supplier Information
  • Edgetech

  • 4 Little Brook Road
  • 02576 West Wareham
  • MA
  • United States of America



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