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Broadband Acoustic Tracking System (BATS)

Product Name:Broadband Acoustic Tracking System (BATS)
Product Description:
Date of first release:2009
Mounting and deployment 
Mounting:Hull mounted & Portable
Physical properties of transducer head 
Diameter [mm]:74
Height [m]:493
Min. external power [Voltage]:110
Max. external power [Voltage]:240
Max power consumption [W]:75
Used Sonar Methods 
Type of system:CHIRP and CW
System Parameters 
Frequency {kHz}:15 - 30
Spread spectrum technology:Y
Min. operation range {m}:1
Max. operation range {m}:3000
Operation beam angle {deg}:180
Angle accuracy (degr) @ 20 dB:0.08
Focussed beam forming:N
Focussed beam angle {degr}:60
Number of active elements:3
Number of transponder channels:3
Multi user functionality:Y
Speed of sound 
Ray tracing:N
Real-time integration of SV-profile:Y
Motion compensation 
Motion sensors compatible to the system::EdgeTech 4760 MRU and other commercially available motion units
Required pitch uncertainty [deg}:90
Required roll uncertainty [deg]:90
Required heave uncertainty [m]:1
Compatible hardware:EdgeTech towfish
Compatible software:Trackman, IPS, Windows, Others
Real-time access procedure:yes
Inertial interfacing:Y
Dimensions {mm}:462
Dry weight {kg}:2.7
Depth rating {m}:1000
Additional functions:depth telemetry
Inside deployment pole available:Y
Diam gate valve {mm}:76.2
Outside deployment pole available:Y
Recommended distance below keel {m}:1
Maintenance criteria 
Mean time before failure [hr}:35000
Mean time to repair [hr]:35000
More information 
Distinguishable features :Portable USBL system great for tracking/ positioning: ROV, side scan sonars, divers and other subsea equipment

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Supplier Information
  • Edgetech

  • 4 Little Brook Road
  • 02576 West Wareham
  • MA
  • United States of America



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