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Product Name:Geoverse
Product Description:
Year of initial introduction :2013
Year of last update:2015
Modules:Geoverse MDM Geoverse Convert solidscan
Source of Point Clouds:Airborne Lidar, Indoor TLS, Outdoor TLS, Photogrammetric, Radar
Supported Systems:Supports any 3D point cloud
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM [GB]:1
HD [GB]:1.5
Use of GPU:N
Processor (CPU) :32-bit, 64-bit
Stereo Display:Y
List software environment, e.g. Microstation:
Files and Registering 
Input formats:uds, las, laz, bin, e57, text, pts, Faro, ply, obj
Output formats:UDS and UDG then exportable to LAS
Max. file size (#3D points):1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Automatic Target Detection:N
Stitching multiple scans:Y
Visualisation and Editing 
Zoom, pan and rotate:Y
Adding Points:Y
Removing Points:N
Point Reduction:N
Pre-processing and Automatic Filtering 
Image matching facilities:N
Frequency domain decoding for data reduction :Yes, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Unlimited Detail\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Removal of individual outliers :N
Removal of vegetation:N
Removal of buildings:N
Bare ground DEM generation:N
Manual Measurements 
3D Coordinates extraction :Y
Length and Height:Y
Automatically Generated Products 
Regular Grid DEMs:N
Cross sections:N
Contour Lines:N
Break lines:N
Boundary detection of solids:N
Building footprints:N
Building roofs:N
3D City modelling:No
Solid Modelling 
Industrial features:No
Earth surface features:No
Line of sight:N
Aspect and slope:N
Individual tree heights:N
Simulation facilities:No
Time series analysis:Y
CAD software:Yes, AutoCAD Connect
Hydrological software :No
Assigning colour from imagery to points :Y
Image overlay on TIN :N
Integration with other data types :Yes, AutoCAD Connect
Support:Yes, online / phone
Training:Yes, as needed
Typical applications:3D Data dissemination, visualization, andmanagment
Distinguishing features :Immediate access to all LiDAR or 3D point data, no matter the size or density Full resolution data visibility at all times – no data thinning or point decimation Load times are less than one second, no matter how large the dataset - no waiting for data to load into RAM Load times and speed of performance are not related to the size or density of the data Points are stored in a compressed format (lossless or lossy compression available) No dependency on high end computer hardware Secure Internet streaming of true 3D point cloud data

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Supplier Information

Merrick & Company

  • 5970 Greenwood Plaza Blvd.
  • 80111 Greenwood Village
  • Colorado
  • United States of America



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