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RSV Orca 2

Product Name:RSV Orca 2
Product Description:Designed for offshore application, the RSV is a reliable and cost effective solutions for high resolutions survey.
Length [m]:3.2
Width [m]:1.5
Height [m]:1.2
Min. weight of USV in air [kg]:250
Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]:450
Draft [m]:0.4
Number of thrusters:2
Thruster specifications:2 kW
Chassis:Aluminium, inflatable (semi-rigid hull)
Min. turning radius [m]:0.5
Operational Area:Offshore, harbour, lake, river, etc.
Launch and recovery system:Basket, trailer, helicopter airfilt
Max. speed [kn]:12
Min. crew size :1
Min. required number of surface computers:1
Max. Remote Operating Range {m}:5000
Available size of storage room:7
Max. WMO seastate:4
Other requirements:N/A
Navigation and Payload 
Navigation sensors - standard:Gyrcompas, DGPS, Autopilot, HP camera, Echosounder
Navigation sensors - optional:Anticollision system
Payload sensors - standard:50 kg, Echosounder
Payload sensors - optional:50 kg, MBES, SSS, iLidar, ADCP, SBP, IR camera
Energy and Propulsion 
Energy Source:24V Batteries
Propulsion Power:2 x 2kW
Endurance at nominal power [hr]:12
Communication and Control 
Type of Communication:Wifi 2.4GHz / UHF 430-470 Mhz
Max. Baud rate [Mb/s]:8
Data sent to shore:Yes, in real time
Auto- control:Yes
Control parameters sent to the USV:Yes
Emergency recovery procedure:Yes
More information 
Applications:Designed for Offshore bathymetric survey Oceanography: Bathymetry 3D, Sub-bottom profiling, Side Scan Sonar imaging, etc. Defense / Security: Mine, pipeline, ship wreck detection, Hull inspection, Harbour and hazardous areas surveillance, Pollution detection, etc.
Distinguishable features :USV Reliable and Cost-effective Air-transportable High resolution survey
Commercial Options:Autonomy : 12hr to 24h options For additionnal info : For additionnal info, please contact us : or visit our website :

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Supplier Information
  • Marine Tech

  • 64, rue de la Garde - ZAC La Millonne
  • 83140 Six-Fours
  • PACA
  • France



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