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NET AX series

Product Name:NET AX series
Product Description:Featuring a wide array of innovative technologies, the NET AXII 0.5" and NET AXII 1" total stations offer superior performance in angle and distance measurement as well as reliable robotic functionality. The NET ensures dramatic enhancement in precision and productivity in all applications such as surveying, engineering, construction, monitoring and 3D industrial measurement.
Year of introduction :2011
Year of last update:
Height [m]:0.375
Width [m]:0.201
Depth [m]:0.202
Weight [kg]:7.7
Angle Measurement 
Standard deviation [arcsec]:0.5
Division [arcsec]:0.1
Standard deviations of other versions in serie:
Distance Measurement with Prism 
Standard deviation: constant part [mm] :0.8
Standard deviation: variable part [ppm}:1
Division [mm]:0.01
Maximum range with 1 standard prism [m]:3500
Maximum range with 1 mini prism [m]:1000
Maximum range with combined prisms [m]:
No. prisms for maximum range:
Distance Measurement without Prism 
Standard deviation: constant part [mm] :1
Standard deviation: variable part [ppm] :1
Maximum range on Kodak gray [m]:200
Maximum range on Kodak white [m]:400
Minimum size of spot at 100m [mm2]:400
Minimum size of spot at maximum range [mm2]:400
Automatic Tracking and Locking 
Maximum range [m]:1000
Range Standard deviation: constant part [mm] :
Range Standard deviation: variable part [ppm] :
Maximum angular speed [deg/s]:60
Automatic aiming uncertainty in autolock mode [arcsec]:1
Tracking and recovery of moving prism:
Data Storage & Connectivity  
Internal memory [GB] :
SD Card [Y/N]: :
USB [Y/N] :
RS-232 /422 Serial [Y/N] :
Compact Flash [Y/N] :
Bluetooth {Y/N}:
WiFi {Y/N} :
Radio [Y/N]:
User Interface 
Operating System:
On-board survey software:
No. faces:2
Resolution [px rows x columns]:
Color display:
Screen size: length of diagonal ["]:3.7
Screen type :
Number of rows:
Characters per row:
No. keys:33
Note recording capability:
Power Supply  
Battery:2 detachable Li-ion batteries
Capacity :7.2V; 4.3Ah
Max. operation time on one battery [hr]:4
Batteries hot-swappable:
Integrated camera 
Integrated camera available [Y/N]:
Resolution [px rows x columns]:
Field of View Horizontal [deg]:
Field of View Vertical [deg]:
Minimum working temperature [degC]:
Maximum working temperature [degC]:
IP dust/water protection class [IPxx]:
Robotic operation 
Maximum range of robotic operation[m]:
Compatible with GNSS for detail survey:
Recommended controller:
Controller IP rating:
Controller display type and size:
Graphical field note storage on controller:
Camera in controller:
Integrated Laser Scanning 
Integrated laser scanning available [Y/N]:
Scan speed [points / second]:
Angular interval of scan points [arcsec]:
Laser plummet :
Guiding light :
Integration with GNSS receiver possible [Y/N] :
Integration with RTK workflow possible [Y/N] :
Standard warranty [years] :
Reach of global support network :
More information 
Distinguishable features :NET05AX features the Sub-millimeter EDM with 0.5mm precision to reflective sheet target up to 200m. And auto-pointing accuracy of 1mmin 50m to sheet targets. Both models have 0.1 (0.02mgon) angle resolution. The MS AX also now feature revolutionary Reflector Prescan and Rapid 2D Monitoring functionality. IP64 Environment rating

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Supplier Information
  • Sokkia B.V.

  • Essenbaan 11
  • 2908 LJ Capelle aan den IJssel
  • Europe, Russia and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Netherlands



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