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TatukGIS Editor (desktop)

Product Name:TatukGIS Editor (desktop)
Year of introduction :2005
Year of last update:2015
Supported hardware :Same as required by the Windows operating system.
Supported operation system:Windows
Main GIS category:Desktop GIS
Type of data storage:File, Database, Internet, Public cloud
Native storage format:
Input Formats:Dwg, Dxf, Dgn, Shape, GML, KML, GeoTiff, ECW, SID, Jpg, Others
Export formats:Dxf, Shape, GML, KML, GeoTiff, Jpg, Others
GML version:
Web standards:WMS, WMTS, WFS
Spatial database management systems:Oracle, PostGIS, SQLite
Messaging protocols:
Publish standards:
Available API’s:Built-in scripting environment exposes within the Editor the full API of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (GIS development component), making the Editor application fully customizable and extendable.
Data management 
Security options for access:Y
Search on file content:
Version management:Y
Spatial reference system:From data source, Selectable, Manual georeferencing
Geometry types 
Points:Point, Multipoint, Symbol, Text
Lines:Line segment, Polyline, Multiline, Arc, B-spline
Surfaces:Polygon, Circle, Multipolygon, Others
2D Construction 
Positioning by coördinates:Y
Positioning by snapping:Y
Positioning in relation to other element:
2D Editing 
Select:By drawing attributes, Within buffer, Spatial selection, Multiple select, Others
Graphic transformations:Scale, Copy, Move, Rotate, Stretch, Drag and drop
Coordinate transformations:On-the-fly reprojection of vector and raster layers between 5,000 pre-defined coordinate systems, manually defined coordinate systems, export layer to new coordinate system.
Mosaicing:Yes, both raster and vector layers with rectification and reprojection.
Data analysis 
Merge:Map layers, Aattribute table to geometry, Others
Buffer:Point buffer, Line buffer, Polygon buffer, Multiple buffers, Dissolve buffers
Overlay operations:Intersection, Union, Symmetrical difference, Difference, Spatial join
Thematic mapping:Choropleth, Cartogram, Dot distribution map, Proportional symbol map, Contour map, Dasymetric map
Types :Color, Pattern, Hatch, Gradient color
Change view:3D visualization of digital elevation (DEM) models, vector/raster layer draping over DEM, 3D fly-over, on-the-fly reprojection between coordinate systems ...
License or freeware:License
Main users:Various in many different industries.
Main applications:TatukGIS Editor application is used for many purposes involving GIS data or requiring GIS functionality.
Extensions:All features supported in standard version.
Related products:The free TatukGIS Viewer is the same product as the Editor except the features for: 1) data editing and saving 2) scripting & customization 3) 3D visualization 4) map layer rectification & georeferencing.
Distinguishable features:- Powerful built-in scripting engine with extensive API - User-friendly GIS data editing - State-of-the-art support for coordinate systems - 3D map viewing - Support for most database engines and geodatabase layer formats, including advance spatial databases. - Opens all supported data formats natively, without need for any import (format conversion) procedure - Attribute data grid table for data management, advanced queries, etc. - Reasonable per user license cost.

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