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Product Name:FLS
Product Desciption:NORBIT’s Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) are high-resolution Wideband MultiBeam Sonars (WMBS) with real-time image updating designed to detect obstacles in front of ships, such as seafloors and water obstructions, tracking sea mammals, monitoring pollution and underwater structures. The WBMS is an ultra compact sonar designed specifically for easy handling and installation.
Year of initial development:2011
Receive array length [m]:0.236
Receive array width [m]:0.154
Receive array height [m]:0.064
Transmit array length [m]:0
Transmit array width [m]:0
Transmit array height [m]:0
Receive array weight in air [kg]:2.3
Transmit array weight in air [kg]:0
Sonar Details 
Max. depth [m]:6000
Min. frequency [Hz]:360
Max. frequency [Hz]:440
Typical range [m]:150
Minimal detectable range [m]:0.2
Max. number of beams:256
Min. horizontal beam width [deg]:0.9
Max. horizontal beam width [deg]:0.9
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:1.9
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:27
Min. pulse length [µs]:10
Max. pulse length [µs]:500
Max. update rate [Hz]:50
Range resolution [m]:0.01
Min. DC power [V]:10
Max. DC power [V]:29
Min. AC power [V]:110
Max. AC power [V]:220
Max. power consumption [W]:28
Data Processing 
Data processing software:All types
Operating system:Windows 7
Minimal hardware requirements:i3
Data storage capacity [Gb]:0
External data storage options:Various
Interface options:LAN 10/100 (FO & Coax optional)
Motion correction:No
Other specifications 
Carrier options:AUV, fixed, ROV, towed, vessel
Mount options:Misc
Connector options:LAN RJ45, FO, Coax
Main applications:Forward looking, obstacle avoidance, search & recovery, automated change detection, leakage detection

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