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Product Name:3DSS-DX-450
Product Description:
Year of introduction:
System Description 
System type:Stand alone
Mode of operation:Single frequency
Location of digitation:Head
Transceiver and recorder 
Model name:3DSS-DX-450 (pole mount)
Min. AC power [V]:
Max. AC power [V]:
Min. DC power [V]:21
Max. DC power [V]:27
Power consumption [W]:25
Data processing and imaging capabilities:Both 2D and 3D sidescan outputs together with a bathymetry output. 3D sidescan based on Computed Angle-of-Arrival Transient Imaging technology to provide 2D sidescan resolution in three dimensions. 3D sidescan point cloud display software provides real-time viewing and manipulation of 3D backscatter. Internal MRU included.
Standard system interfacing capabilities:Ethernet TCP to supporting multiple clients. 2D sidescan and Bathymetry can be directly interfaced to 3rd party survey software such as Hypack and SonarWiz. Connections provided for optional GPS and external MRU interface.
Generation of firing trigger:Internal or external.
Model identification:Pole Mount
Length [m]:0.57
Width [m]:0.099
Height [m]:0.099
Weight in air [kg]:8
Max. depth rating [m]:100
Transducer type and material:Proprietary
Materials used:
Fish height from seabed determination method:Bathymetry output at nadir.
Deployment methods:Over the side of manned vesselsas small as 8feet. On autonomous surface vessels. On autonomous underwater vehicles.
Depression technique:NA
Cable and winch 
Type of Cable supported:3DSS Cable
Max. length of cable [m]:50
Winch type recommended:
Operating frequencies 
Min. frequency [kHz]:450
Max. frequency [kHz]:450
Min. pulse length [µs]:22
Max. pulse length [µs]:440
Source level [dB] :
Max. range [m]:200
Min. beam width [deg]:0.4
Max. beam width [deg]:0.4
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:19
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:90
Min. depression angle [deg]:
Max. depression angle [deg]:65
Max. horizontal resolution [cm]:1.67
Max. vertical resolution [cm]:1.67
Max. operating speed [kt]:4
More information 
Application:Pole mounted, shallow water (<40m) survey, search, rapid assessment, structure inspection, full water column river and canal mapping, habitat mapping. ASV mounted shallow water operation. AUV mounted operation to 100m.
Distinguishable features :3D sidescan, 2D sidescan, bathymetry, compact.

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Supplier Information
  • Ping DSP

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  • . North Saanich
  • British-Columbia
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