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SAMBAT Multiparameter probe

Product Name:SAMBAT Multiparameter probe
Year of Initial Development:2012
Weight in air [kg]:3.6
Diameter [mm]:0.11
Length [mm]:0.42
Max. cable length [m]:40
Battery type:lithuim
Battery duration [hr]:4320
Max. depth [m]:30
Max. pressure [bar]:
Pressure, temperature and conductivity sensor 
Resolution of pressure [% FS]:
Uncertainty of pressure [% FS]:
Min. temperature [°C]:-5
Max. temperature [°C]:35
Resolution of temperature [°C]:1
Uncertainty of temperature [°C]:1
Max. conductivity [S/m]:10
Resolution of conductivity [10^-3 S/m]:16
Uncertainty of conductivity [10^-3 S/m]:0.1
Min. depth increment [m]:0
Min. time increment [s]:0
Resolution of salinity [psu]:0.0005
Uncertainty of salinity [psu]:0.1
Min. sound velocity [m/s]:
Max. sound velocity [m/s]:
Resolution of sound velocity [m/s]:
Uncertainty of sound velocity [m/s]:
Additonal sensors 
Standard sensor:Temperature Depth Conductivity Turbidity Dissolved Oxygen Fluorescence Chlorophyll a Fluorescence Phycocianin pH
No. of additional sensors:7
Description of additional sensors:Redox CEDOM
Data and connectivity 
External recorder required:Y
Max. number of samples for self-recording [10^3]:1
Dedicated surface data logger:Y
Dedicated sub-surface data logger:Y
Telemetry link to remote location:N
Software specifications 
Software name:Winmemo II
Graphical presentation:Y
Raw data editing:Y
Re-computation with raw data:Y
CTD Probe controller:Y
Recording with third party software:Y
Operation characteristics 
Data display on dedicated hardware:Y
Display of analogue data:Y
Method of first recording:GPRS
More information 
Distinguishable features :This equipment is used to measure and record during several months the main physicochemical water parameters (temperature, depth, conductivity for the calculation of salinity, turbidity, fluorescence (Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin), dissolved oxygen, pH and the detection of hydrocarbons). SAMBAT uses a brush to protect optical sensors from biofouling. An operational probe : · Suitable for any type of support : very light buoy, ladder, stake, pontoon…. · Fast wireless configuration thanks to a communication interface (Radio Data Pencil with a range of around 25 meters) connected to the USB port of a PC using Winmemo software. · Possibility of transfering measured data by Email, thanks to the integrated GSM modem. · GPS with alarm function included for georeferenced data.

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