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HydroBook Hydrographic Echo Sounder

Product Name:HydroBook Hydrographic Echo Sounder
Product Description:
Year of initial development:2013
Max. power consumption [W]:
Min. external DC power [V]:12
Max. external DC power [V]:16
Min. external AC power [V]:
Max. external AC power [V]:
Weight in air [kg]:2
Width [m]:
Length [m]:
Height [m]:
Logging unit 
Weight [kg]:
Width [m]:
Length [m]:
Height [m]:
Mode of operation 
Software platform:Tablet PC, Windows XP, Other
Min. depth of operation [m]:0.1
Max. depth of operation [m]:200
Min. frequency [kHz]:180
Max. frequency [kHz]:280
Number of simultaneous frequencies:1
Standard power output [W]:
Min. power output [W]:
Max. power output [W]:
Min. beam angle [deg]:5
Max. beam angle [deg]:10
Depth resolution [m]:0.01
Depth-dependent uncertainty [%]:
Max. sounding rate [Hz]:30
Min. pulse length [ms]:
Max. pulse length [ms]:
Dynamic range [dB]:
System integration 
Remote operation capability:Y
Supported external data inputs :heave, position, tide
Marking of events and other annotations:Y
Real-time sound velocity and temperature profile inclusion:Y
Real-time coupling to survey/post-processing software:Y
Data displayed in real time:Depth, Sound Velocity, Draft, Seabottom Loss/Bottom Reflectivity, Size of ensonified bottom cell, Seawater Temperature DATA IS DISPLAYED VIA SOFTWARE APP ON WINDOWS-BASED NOTEBOOK OR TABLET PC; THIS SAME PC IS USED FOR SYSTEM SETUP AND CONTROL OF ECHO SOUNDER.
Data output options:All measured and inputted parameters
Data output formats:Serial: ODOM, DESO,NMEA sentences; PC: Unabara PC Driver (Also remote input/output capability via telemetry to allow control and monitoring of echo sounder aboard Unmanned Surface Vessels).
Data output for sea floor classification:Y
Data display details:All data and chart is displayed on the user\\\\\\\'s Windows-based Notebook or Tablet PC. (With each HydroBook Echo Sounder, Unabara supplies a PC-based APP for control/setup of HydroBook and data display).
Connectors:RS232, USB
Other specifications 
Internal data logging details:
Main use of the system:Depth measurement for hydrographic surveys and bottom contrasting for surface sediment type determination. Also, when used without a PC connected, as a precision depth sensor aboard Unmanned Surface Vessels (depth logging may be onboard the USV or sent to shore in real-time via telemetry).

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Supplier Information
  • Unabara

  • P.O. Box 1843
  • 70054 Gretna
  • Louisiana
  • United States of America



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