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Product Name:UnlimitedAerial
Product Description:
Year of introduction:2014
Year of last update:2015
Modular :UnlimitedAT Aerial Triangulation, Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Orthorectification, TrueOrthophoto, Image Viewer, UnlimitedOrtho
Regional settings available:Yes
License configuration:demo, rental, UAV version, Aerial version
Required Computer System 
System includes hardware:N
Operating system(s):Windows
CPU (min.):
CPU (preferred):Intel Core i7 or comparable Intel Xeon CPU
Min. RAM memory [Mb]:16
Preferred RAM memory [Mb] :32
64-bit version of software available:Y
Distributed processing capacity:Y
GPU based calculations:Y
Min. data storage capacity [Gb]:
Preferred data storage capacity [Gb]:1000
Min. graphic card:Nvidia Graphics Card (CUDA capable)
Preferred graphic card:Model GTX680
Supported special hardware:
User definable operations and extensions:
Viewing System 
Min. display memory [Mb] :512
Pref. display memory [Mb]:1000
Method of stereo image separation:
Images and data 
Supported image sources :Nadir and Oblique Imagery, Large and Medium Format cameras, UAV imagery
Input image formats:GeoTiFF, TIFF, JPEG
Export data formats :GeoTiFF, TIFF, JPEG, TXT, LAS, LAZ
Scanned analogue Aerial Photos :
Digital Aerial Nadir Frames:Y
Oblique Images:Y
Linear array sensors :Y
Optical Satellite Images :
UAS Images :Y
Radar Images :
Image manipulation & processing 
Automatic contrast manipulations:Y
Spatial convolution:Y
Resampling :automatic, nearest neighbour; bilinear; cubic
Radiometric corrections:Y
Radiometric adjustment for mosaicing:Y
Orientation and triangulation 
Automatic interior:Y
Automatic aerotriangulation:Y
Automated blunder detection :Y
Self calibration :Y
Automatic Relative:Y
images simultaneously processed:Y
DEMs & Orthoimages 
Automatic matching :
Automatic breakline extraction :N
Checking facilities (DEM editing) :Y
Automatic contour generation:N
Mosaicing of orthoimages :Y
True orthoimage generation:Y
Dense DSM creating capability:Y
DSM to DTM filtering:Y
Automatic seam line creation:Y
Dense Image Matching:Y
Feature Extraction and Mapping 
Mapping facilities:
Semi-automatic corner point extraction:
Semi-automatic line feature extraction:
Semi-automatic building extraction:
3D superimposition:
Integration with scanned maps :
Integration with 2D vector maps :
Integration with 3D vector maps :
Integration with point clouds :
Automatic Texturing :
Measurement tools 
More information 
Main applications :Mapping, Urban Development, Forestry, Telecommunication, Agriculture, Mining, Utility, Energy, Defense, Archaeology, Environmental Monitoring,
Distinguishable features:Aerial Triangulation, DSM Generation, DTM Generation, Orthorectification, TrueOrthophoto Generation, Mosaic Creation, Mosaic Editing, Visualize and share data around the globe. fully automated mosaicking of True Orthophotos and DSM generation, seamless transitions between adjacent images, Optimized to handle shadow areas and moving objects, Supports GPS, IMU, Ground-Control-Point information, GPS shift and drift correction, UAV imagery support, Complete system, high scalability

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