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MDT Professional

Product Name:MDT Professional
Product Description:A full and low cost solution for all Surveying and Engineering projects. MDT is a modular application, powerful and easy to use. Standard version allows you to model a terrain using points captured by any total station or GPS, generate contours, get profiles and cross-sections, calculate volumes by grids or profiles difference and display 3-D views.
Year of introduction :1995
Year of last update :2015
Supported hardware :Total stations, GNSS receivers
Supported operation system:Windows
Type of data storage:File
Native storage format:dwg
Input Formats:dwg, dxf, dgn, shape, KML, GeoTiff, jpg, others
Export formats:dwg, dxf, dgn, shape, SKP, KML, GeoTiff, jpg, others
GML version:None
Web standards:WMS
Spatial database management systems:None
Messaging protocols:None
Publish standards:KML
Available API’s:None
Data management 
Security options for access:N
Search on file content:N
Version management:N
Save standardization for drawings/maps :Drawing layers, Styles, Settings, Symbols, User-defined objects, Others
Spatial reference system:Selectable, Manual georeferencing
Geometry types 
Points:Point, Text, Others
Lines:Line segment, Polyline, Arc, Others
2D Construction 
Positioning by coördinates:Y
Positioning by Dimensions:N
Positioning by snapping:Y
Positioning on virtual raster:N
Positioning in relation to other element:Parallel, Extend, Perpendicular, Particular angle, Tangent, Others
2D Editing 
Select:Spatial selection, Multiple select, Others
Remove:By select, By layer, Others
Graphic transformations:Scale, Copy, Move, Rotate, Mirror, Align, Others
Coordinate transformations:EPSG database with ellipsoids, datum transformations, geographic, geocentric and projected coordinate reference systems. Geodesic calculator and conversion of point files and full drawings. Local systems: Helmert 2D (4 parameters), Affine (6 parameters), Projective (8 parameters), Helmert 2D+Verfical offset, Helmert 2D+Vertical offset and slopes, Helmert 3D (7 parameters)
Data analysis 
Merge:Map layers
Measurement:Area, Length, Others
Topology :
Tools to detect errors:Direct and inverse observation error Face 1 and face 2 error Traverse and network least-squares adjustment report Realiability and goodness of fit tests Chi-square test Break lines: detection of dangles, loose vertices, crosses, elevation errors. Contours: elevation errors. Alignments: tangency errors, road regulations. Cross sections: comparison between template and ground, template assignment.
Types :Color, Pattern, Hatch, Gradient color
Change view:Zoomfactor, Target point
License or freeware:License
Main users:Engineering,construction companies,surveyors
Main applications:Full solution for civil projects
Extensions:Surveying, Point Cloud, Images
Related products:AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD
Distinguishable features:It runs as a standard CAD application. Import point files in most popular formats. Create DTM or grid from points, contours and breaklines. Generate and label contours. Fully customizable drawing of profiles and cross-sections. Design of horizontal and vertical alignments. Templateslibrary. Stakeout of layers, lines. Volumes measurement reports. Advanced surface operations. Plot division, multiple drawing utilities. Realistic view and video generation. Export to Google Earth, 3D Studio, SketchUp...

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  • Calle Sumatra, 9, - Urb. El Atabal
  • 29190 Malaga
  • Spain



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