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Product Name:MVETECH MMS
Product Description:
Year of introduction:2011
Main design elements:software
Total weight [kg]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Depth [m]:
Resolution: horizontal pixels:
Resolution: vertical pixels:
Display: width [m]:
Display: height [m]:
Operation Characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:
Humidity resistance:
Shock proof:
Operation time per battery [hr]:
Battery Field Replaceable:N
GNSS Receiver 
GNSS Systems Supported:GPS,Glonass,Galileo, Compass
Number of Channels:0
Integrated SBAS:Y
Update Rate [Hz]:1000
Time to first fix after cold start [s]:0
Multipath Mitigation:Y
Name of GIS package:MVETECH MMS
Map rotation:N
Editing of points:N
Editing of lines:N
Editing of polygons:N
Editing of attributes:N
Sketching of notes on map:N
Display of external data and photos:Y
Measurements: length:Y
Measurements: area:Y
RAM [MB]:0
Hard Disk:Solid State
Hard Disk [MB]:0
Types of Replaceable Memory :N/A
Built-in Camera: megapixels:0
Audio: speaker:N
Audio: microphone:Y
Range measurement:Y
User Interfaces :
Import/Export Formats: GPX GPS Exchange Format - TerraSolid compliant - KML - Images on KML (StreetView on Google Earth) - Text Data - Custom Data (user can define the data format) - Shape File is supported
Wireless Data Transfer :
Remote server: download:N
Remote server: upload:N
More information 
Main applications:MVETECH MMS is a mobile surveying software that enables you to connect multiple sensors and cameras into one data acquisition system. With this software you can collect data from LIDAR, IP Cameras, Firewire Cameras, USB Cameras, GSM modules and much more. This software works with different types of GPS and navigation systems and it can generate different types of trigger events. The data output can be customized by user and you can work with different types of hardware profiles without having to change hardware configurations.
Distinguishable features:- Cross-Platform (Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS X) - Multiple CPU support - Touch-screen compliant

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Supplier Information


  • 802 West Street, Ste 105
  • DE 19801 Wilmington
  • Washington



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