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3D Gence One

Product Name:3D Gence One
Product Description:
Product Brochure:
Product Video:
Width [mm]:
Depth [mm]:
Height [mm]:
Weight [kg}:
Frame material:
Power supply [V]:
Power consumption [W]:
Safety and certification compliance(ISO):
Operation Characteristics 
Max build height [mm]:200
Max build width [mm]:210
Max build depth [mm]:245
Printing technology (e.g. Fused Filament Fabrication, Stereolithography):Fused Filament Fabrication
Nozzle diameter [mm]:0.3
Number of extruders:1-2
Min layer thickness [mm]:0.05
Max layer thickness [mm]:0.4
Printing accuracy [mm]:0.05
Min printing speed [mm/s]:8
Max printing speed [mm/s]:60
Heated platform:Yes
Filament & Cartridges 
Filament materials:PLA, ABS, Wood, Copperfill, Carbon, Hips
Universal cartridges:Yes
Filament / wire size [mm]:1.75 & 3
Print head upgradeable:Y
Connectivity and User Interface 
USB port:Y
Flash drive:N
SD card:Y
LCD screen:Y
Input formats:STL, OBJ, 3DS
Software included:Y
Software name:Cura, Repetierhost, Deecontrol, Simplify3D
Application and use 
Main applications:Architecture, Engineering
Distinguishable features:yes

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Supplier Information

  • Bismarckstr 10-12
  • 10625 Berlin
  • Germany



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