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Product Name:VEGAPULS Radar
Product Description:
Radar, Pressure or Sonar:Radar
Length [m]:0.12
Width [m]:0.12
Height [m]:0.3
Weight [kg]:2
Material:PP, Aluminium, PTB or ST ST depending on model
Water sand and dust proof:Up to IP68 (2Bar)
Min. external power [Voltage]:9
Max. external power [Voltage]:24
Max. power consumption [W]:1
Max. operation time on one battery [hr]:
Battery type:External battery can be used 2 measurements per second capability
Temperature: min [°C]:-40
Temperature: max. [°C]:80
Humidity resistance:100
Radar Specifications 
Min. operating range [m]:1
Max. operating range [m]:75
Beam angle [°]:4
Radar frequency [Hz]:25
Measurement accuracy [mm]:2
Measurement precision [mm]:1
Wave measurement:Yes
Acoustic specifications 
Min. operating range [m]:
Max. operating range [m]:15
Acoustic signal frequency [Hz]:
Measurement accuracy [mm]:2
Measurement precision [mm]:
Wave measurement:No
Pressure sensor specifications 
Sample frequency [hz]:
Min. operating range available [dBar]:-100
Max. operating range available [dBar]:200
Accuracy [%]:
Resolution [%]:
Interfaces, connectivity and other sensors 
Type of display:The adjustment of the instrument is carried out via the external display and adjustment unit VEGADIS 82. Either via an integrated display and adjustment module PLICSCOM or a PC with the adjustment software PACTware and the appropriate DTM.
RS232 interface:
RS485 interface:
SDI 12 interface:
Barometric pressure sensor:
Temperature sensor:
Temperature sensor accuracy [°C]:
Other sensors, interfaces and connectors:
Data Logger:
Data management 
Averaging period of measurements:
Output data:
Internal memory:
External memory:
Max. storage size [number of measurements]:
Included software:
Operation characteristics 
Mounting possibilities:
Levelling methods:
Datum setting techniques:
Calibration techniques:

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Supplier Information
  • VEGA Controls Ltd

  • Kendal House - Victroia Way,
  • RH15 9NF Burgess Hil
  • West Sussex
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland



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