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Product Name:SoniDens
Product Description:
Width [mm]:260
Length [mm]:440
Height [mm]:80
Weight in air [kg]:19
Weight in water [kg]:
Housing material:Stainless steel
Min. external power [Voltage]:110
Max. external power [Voltage]:220
Max. power consumption [W]:35
Type of battery:
Operating time on fully charged battery [hr]:
Operation Characteristics 
Sampling Method :Siltation occurs in many ports and navigation channels around the world. Without dredging and other mitigating measures this results in draft restrictions for vessels entering the ports. The necessity to remove sediments can be reduced by changing the current nautical depth defined by 210 kHz survey towards a nautical depth based on a defined density. Within the fluid mud layer the physical properties such as density and apparent viscosity increase with depth. At a certain depth a transition between the liquid and the solid state can be observed. This transition, associated with specific critical density, could be considered as the nautical depth according to the PIANC definition. For obtaining the actual nautical depth, mud density is the easiest and most accurate parameter to measure.
Working principle of measurement technique:
Accessories:The standard data cable length is 25 metre, but can be extended to increase the measuring depth. Tidal, echosounder and GPS data (if available) from the vessel will be simultanously read, included and presented for absolute depth values. The software runs on Windows 7.
Calibration methods:
Max. operating depth [m]:25
Min. operating temperature [°C]:0
Max. operating temperature [°C]:40
Minimum range [gr / l]:1000
Maximum range [gr / l]:1800
Resolution [gr / l]:1
Accuracy [%]:1
Yield Strength 
Minimum range [Pa]:
Maximum range [Pa]:
Resolution [P]:
Accuracy [%]:
Viscosity Measurement  
Minimum range [Pa s]:
Maximum range [Pa s]:
Resolution [Pa s]:
Accuracy [%]::
Temperature, Depth and other Sensors 
Temperature sensor:Y
Temperature resolution [°C]:0.1
Temperature measurement accuracy [%]:1
Depth sensor:Y
Depth resolution [m]:0.01
Depth measurement accuracy [%]:0.5
GPS sensor:N
Others sensors:
Interfaces and Data 
Output data/formats:
Internal Memory:N
Storage size of internal memory [mb]:
Type of internal memory:
Included software:
More information 
Main applications:Insitu density of fluid mud layers for determination of the nautical depth.
Distinguishable features:The SoniDens is very light-weight, which makes it easy to handle. Deployment of the SoniDens can be done from a vessel with a small deck crane and small winch.

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