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Product Name:AutoClean
Product Description:
Year of initial introduction:2015
Year of last update:2016
Modules:Cleaning tool for bathymetric and Lidar point data
Supported Systems (SB, MB, SSS, Lidar etc.):SB, MB, Lidar
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM [MB]:8000
Use of GPU:Yes
Processor (CPU) :64-bit
Stereo Display:No
Field of Use:Processing of Hydrographic Point Data
Languages Supported:English
Files and Registering 
Input Formates {XTF, XYZ, GSF etc}:XYZ, FAU, GSF, Kongsberg ALL, LAS, LAZ, Hypack HS2
Max. Number of Soundings:unlimited
Supported Hydrographic Systems:Multibeam, singlebeam, lidar
Background format support {Google, Bing, OGC, CAD etc.}:DXF, GeoTiff
Visualisation and Editing 
2D Editing:Yes
2D Visualization:Yes
Fly-throughs support:No
3D fly-through movies {*.mov etc}:N/A
Area based 3D editing:Yes
Area based 3D View:Yes
3D View max number points:unlimited
3D Integrated models:N/A
Sounding cleaning algorithms:statistical, spline filter, spatial
4D support:No
4D fly through movies {*.mov etc.}:N/A
Sound velocity correction:
Sound velocity correction type:
Tidal reduction:Tide
Support tidal reduction network:N
Manual editing capability:Y
Gridding/Interpolation techniques:Grid
Grid attributes {Std., Mean, Max, etc.}:SDEV, Mean, Min, Max, Count, Reject Count, Span, Survey Accuracy
Lay-back correction:N
Siant range correction:N
Mosaic creation:N
Mosaic creation algorithms:N/A
SSS Targeting:N/A
Video integration:
Number of video channels:0
Assessment of bathymetry IHO Cat S-44:Y
Type of automatic cleaning algorithm(s) :statistical, spline filter, spatial
Multibeam water column imaging support:N
Multibeam Backscatter Processing Functionality:N/A
Mulitbeam Calibration mehods:
Geodetic Functionality 
Supported coordinate systems:Full, through GDAL.
Geographical Coordinates {Lat, Long}:Y
Ground Coordinates {E,N}:Y
Seven Parameter shift supported:Y
Supported vertical reference frames  :Through GDAL
Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80):Y
Separation model for vertical datum shift support :Y
Local datum support:Y
Product Generation 
Automatic top of pipe calculation:N
Slope analysis:N
Dynamic event numbering:N
Automatic cross profile creation:N
Volume calculation:N
Sounding Selection methods:N
Export/Exchange options:Grids, Point Files, GeoTiffs.
Combining bathymetry / terrestrial point clouds:Y

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Supplier Information
  • BeamworX

  • Emmalaan 4
  • 3581 HR utrecht
  • Netherlands



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