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Product Name:iNAT-M200 (INS/GNSS)
Product Description:
Height [m]:0.065
Weight in water [kg]:0.3
Material :Anodized Aluminum for excellent EMI/EMC protection together with an internal MIL-STD-704F qualified filterung and MIL-STD-810G approved environmental protection (on request: pressure resistant version made from titanium with SubCon connectors). The enclosure is made for all areas of operation, i.e. sea, land, air. It is equipped with MIL grade connectors which provide a much better reliability than SubD connectors which are used an many competitive products.
Min. Voltage (AC):0
Max. Voltage (AC):0
Min. Voltage (DC):9
Max. Voltage (DC):34
Power consumption [W]:7.5
Min. operating temperature [°C] :-40
Max. operating temperature [°C] :71
Splashproof casting:Y
Water resistant casting :Y
Water resistance [m]:3000
Vibration and operating shock tolerance :see datasheet
Electromagnetic compatibility :MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-704E
Mounting orientation :arbitrary
Roll and Pitch Output 
Roll and pitch measurement:Y
Angle accuracy static in ° [RMS]:0.25
Angle accuracy dynamic in ° [RMS]:0.03
Resolution angle [°]:0.001
Angular roll/pitch range [°]:180
Angular rate range [°/s]:400
Max. rotation speed [deg/s]:400
Heave Output 
Resolution heave [m] :0.001
Samples p/second:500
Max. output heave range [m]:30
Output period real time [s]:30
Heave accuracy real time [%]:5
Output period delayed [s]:60
Heave accuracy delayed [%]:3
Acceleration Output 
Acceleration measurement:Y
Acceleration range m/s2 :100
Acceleration noise m/s2 RMS:0.01
Acceleration accuracy m/s2 RMS :0.02
Interfaces and Data 
Ethernet port:Y
RS232 output:Y
RS422 output:Y
Other output ports:CAN, USB, UART RS232, UART RS422, TCP/IP, UDP, Dig-I/O
Data output rate:500
Data output protocols/formats :iXCOM, NMEA183, CAN, TCP/IP, UDP & customized ; data of loosely and tightly data fusion of INS, GNSS, odometer, Magnetometer, DVL etc. with an integrated Extended Kalman filter. As an option a SPAN (TM of NovAtel) compatible data stream can be provided on request.
Velocity input data and formats :NMEA183, iXCOM, CAN & customized (RDI etc.)
Heading input data and formats :NMEA183, iXCOM, CAN & customized

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