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Edge ScanArm®

Product Name:Edge ScanArm®
Product Description:
Year of introduction :
Water, sand and dust proof :
Height [m]:
Width [m]:
Depth [m]:
Models in series:1.8m, 2.7m and 3.7m
Weight [heaviest in serie kg] :11.3
Weight [lightest in serie kg] :10.9
Weight [kg for each model in series] :10.7, 10.9, 11.3
Smallest radial reach of products in serie [m]:1.8
Biggest radial reach of products in serie [m] :3.7
Operating temperature: min[°C:10
Operating temperature: max[°C]:40
Storage temperature: min [°C] :
Storage temperature: max[°C]:
External power:Universal worldwide voltage 100-240VAC 47/63Hz
Power consumption [W]:
Operating time on battery [h] :
Battery:No battery
Operation Characteristics 
Mounting possibilities:
Number of axis [smallest in serie]:7
Number of axis [biggest in serie]:7
Number of axes [for each model in series]:7
Counter balance system:Internal Counterbalance
Initialization procedure:
Available probe heads :
Automatic probe recognition:
Precision and Accuracy 
Single point accuracy [+/- mm] :0.034
Repeatability [+/- mm] :0.024
Volumetric accuracy [+/- mm]:
Laser Scanner 
Laser scanner included:Y
Weight [kg]:0.2224
Laser safety classification:CDRH Class II/IEC Class 2M
Scanning speed [Points per second] :45120
Scanning resolution [Points per stripe]:752
Min. standoff distance {m}:
Max. working range laser scanner [m] :
Max. scanning line width [m] :0.15
Accuracy laser scanner [mm] :0.025
Operating time on fully charged battery [hr]:
Real time point cloud rendering:Y
Data and Software 
Inbuild WiFi :Y
Inbuild bluetooth:Y
USB connection:Y
Other output ports:Ethernet
Output Data:
Data storage :
Ports and interfaces :Built-in touchscreen computer; QuickTools; Laptop-free basic measurements.
Software standard included :Y
Software name:CAM2 measure 10
Software capabilities:Single, complete solution for all tactile measurement and non-contact 3D scanning applications. The software is ideal for CAD and non-CAD inspection and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). CAM2 Measure 10 features image-guided measurement, automatic nominal association to various features, QuickTools and an intuitive user interface. Moreover, the software is delivered with a reliable CAD import tool which increases the ability to load a large amount of CAD data.
Output formats:
Main users :
Main applications :CAD-based inspection. Dimensional analysis, First article inspection. In-process inspection, Reverse engineering, Machine calibration.
Distinguishable features :Smart Sensor Technology: Sensors warn against factors that compromise performance. Temperature Sensors: Allow the Arm to react to thermal variations for maximum portability and accuracy. Internal Counterbalance: Provides comfortable, stress-free usage.
Included accessories :
Optional accessories:
Training facilities:Yes

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Supplier Information
  • FARO Europe

  • Lingwiesenstr. 11/2
  • 70825 Korntal-Münchingen
  • Germany



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