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Product Name:GeolinQ
Year of introduction :2015
Year of last update:2016
Open source:N
License configuration:User based licensing or SAAS solution based on storage, CPU and RAM configuration
Required Computer System 
Operating System(s):Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD etc
Min. CPU:2 CPU's
Preferred CPU:Scalable
Min. RAM memory [Gb]:4
64-bit version available:Y
Distributed processing capacity :Y
GPU based calculations:N
Data storage capacity [Terabyte]:1000
Spatial Database :Y
Column-family database :N
Graph database :N
XML document database :N
Geo-data Types and Formats 
2D vector data :Y
3D vector data :Y
Pixels :Y
Raster :Y
Voxels :N
Point clouds :Y
Input formats:Geotiff, ASCII, Shape, LAS, GML, other on request
Output formats:Geotiff, ASCII, Shape, LAS, other on request
Data Handling 
Support of Topographical Relationships :N
Support of Attribute Relationships :Y
Support of Metadata :Y
Query Language(s):SQL
User programmable operations and extensions :Java API, REST
Vertical Scalability :Y
Horizontal Scalability :Y
Replication :Y
Sharding :Y
Retrieval of Geo-resources over the Web 
OGC Compliant :Y
Proprietary solutions :N
Platform-dependent solutions :N
Training provided :Y
Main users:Data Managers, Data Analysts, Survey Managers, Surveyors
Main applications:Spatial Data Hub, Spatial Data Portal, Backbone for spatial data analyses, Creating Single Point of Truth, Create dynamic OGC compliant web services based on available data
Distinguishable features:Unique configurable data modelling including runtime changes, interchangable data sources, many data sources availabe, All functionality web based availble, High performance, no storage limitaties, Point, Raster and Vector data, Link, harvest,query and share data, Enterprise authorization,

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Supplier Information
  • IntellinQ

  • Vasteland 78
  • 3011 BN Rotterdam
  • Netherlands