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SeaRobotics TankBUG

Product Name:SeaRobotics TankBUG
Product Description:Detection of defects and material degradation can be identified by measuring plate thickness, coating thickness, or corrosion potential
Year of Initial Development:2013
Year of last update:2016
Type:Light work, Micro, Observation
Length [m]:0.8
Width [m]:0.5
Height [m]:0.4
Weight in air [kg]:45
Max. payload [kg]:0
Min. AC input voltage [V]:110
Max. AC input voltage [V]:220
Input power [W]:400
Type of power:Electric
Power of vehicle system [W]:200
Power of tooling options [W]:200
Tether Management System (TMS) 
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:25
Surface Control Unit (SCU) 
Length [m]:0.5
Width [m]:0.5
Height [m]:0.25
Weight in air [kg]:20
Launch and Recovery System (LARS) 
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:
Input AC voltage [V]:
Input power [W]:
Umbilical cable 
Type :Power & coms
Standard length [m]:76
Max. length [m]:
Diameter [mm]:25
Type of Tether:Suction Hose
Standard length [m]:76
Max. length [m]:
Diameter [m]:0.05
Speed and thrust 
Max. forward [kts]:
Max. lateral [kts]:
Max. up [kts]:1
Max. down [kts]:
Max. Vertical during deployment [m/min]:0
Number of forward trusters:0
Type of forward trusters:
Number of vertical trusters:0
Type of vertical trusters:Crawling vehicle with (2) X drive motors.
Number of lateral trusters:0
Type of lateral trusters:0
Thrust forward [kg]:
Thrust backward [kg]:
Thrust lateral [kg]:
Thrust vertical [kg]:
Max. depth rating [m]:37
Min. operating temperature [C]:
Max. operating temperature [C]:
Automatic depth control:N
Automatic heading control:Y
Auto pilot:Y
Dynamic Positioning:N
Lights and cameras 
Number of lights:2
Type of Lights:LED
Number of cameras:2
Type of cameras:Fixed HD
Camera resolution [TV lines]:
Camera sensitivity [Lx]:
Camera Booms:
Max. camera pan angle [deg]:
Max. camera tilt angle [deg]:
Pitch and roll:Y
Max. pitch and roll angle [deg]:
Pitch and roll resolution [deg]:
Pitch and roll uncertainty [deg]:
Heading resolution [deg]:
Heading uncertainty [deg]:
Depth uncertainty [%]:
Pressure resolution [%]:
Interfaces and protocols for sensors:
Interfaces with standard bottles :
Controls and indicators 
Type of monitor:
Audio overlay:N
Video overlay:Y
Scanning sonar option:Y
Standard manipulators:N
Optional manipulators:Y
Tooling capabilities:Y
Number of available tooling ports:
Max. pressure for tooling ports [Bar]:
Max. flow for tooling ports [litre/min]:
Available tooling packages:
Compatible with tooling standards:
More information 
Main applications:Tank cleaning Tank inspection Corrosion detection Plant reservoir cleaning process well cleaning
Distinguishable features :Suction brush head to remove sediment from tanks

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