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Autonomous AA400

Product Name:Autonomous AA400
Product Description:Echologger AA400 is a low cost, lightweight connector-free sonar altimeter designed for diverse applications in marine environments. It has been designed to be simple to use in the field without compromising the quality of data collection. It provides the user with high resolution altitude/range data without needing any cabling.
Year of initial development:2012
Year of latest version:
Area of application:Sediment monitoring
Field of use:Sea/River bed mapping, security, Wave monitioring
Languages supported:
Power supply and communication 
Power supply: 3XAA Alkaline ba^eries
Operating current:
Output interface :Bluetooth
Analog output:Bluetooth (v2.1), 115kbaud
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:0.478
Weight in water [kg]:0.03
Width [m]:0.056
Length [m]:0.08
Min. operation temperature [°C}:-10
Max. operation temperature [°C}:50
Housing material:Acetal, Poly Carbonate, Al, SUS
Acoustic properties 
Min. Operating frequency [kHz]:450
Max. Operating frequency [kHz]:450
Beamwidth {deg}:5
Min. acoustic accuracy :
Max. acoustic accuracy :
Digital resolution:1 mm
Analog resolution:
Operating properties 
Minimum range {m}:0.15
Maximum range {m}:50
Depth rating {m}:3000
Output data format:ASCII
Sampling rate (fixed or adjustable):Adjustable
Data flow:Continous
Slant range correction:
Other specifications 
Data storage:Internal
Stand alone mode:Y
Sound velocity input:N
Pressure sensor:N
Right angled type:Y
Additional capabilities:Temperature sensor
More information 
Distinguishable features:Echologger AA400 is a low cost, light weight connector-free sonar altimeter with a data logging facility. It has been designed for long term monitoring in remote underwater environments where cabling is not possible. Through a high speed wireless Bluetooth communication, measurement parameters and data retrieving can be done wirelessly within minutes. Exceptionally low power consumption enabled the device to be used for months with 3 alkaline AA batteries.

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Supplier Information
  • EchoLogger

  • Venture Center,Korea Aerospace University,Hwajeon- - Dong, 303,76, Hanggongdaehak-ro ,Deokyang-Gu,
  • 412-791 Goyang-Si
  • Kyounggi-Do
  • Korea



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