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DT26x Surveillance

Product Name:DT26x Surveillance
Product Description:The DT26X is the largest UAV in the Delair-Tech fleet yet only tips the scales at 14 kg. Its range and endurance is unrivaled by any other battery-powered UAV in its class (with up to 4kg payload capacity). The X version of the DT-Eye sensor payload is fit specifically to the DT26X ultra longrange UAV. Typically, a surveillance turret of this size (1.6 kg) & quality could only be deployed on full-size aircraft. The DT26X operator now has 2-axis gimbaled control, up to 10x optical zoom, moving and stationary object tracking and 100 μrad of stability. With the DT26X you get the ability to both complete the longest of missions and to carry high performance payloads previously only available to manned aircraft.
Year of initial development::2013
Year of last update:2015
Typical Applications:Surveillance, Oil & gas, Fire fighting
Brand :Delair-Tech
Max. payload [kg]:2
Max. stay in the air [min]:150
Max. speed [km/h]:110
Max. height above ground [m]:4000
Propulsion:Electric, brushless motors (lithium-polymer)
ø / wingspan [cm]:330
Height [cm]:160
Weight [kg]:15
Weight of battery [kg]:0.5
Weight of filled fuel tank [kg]:0
Number of rotors:1
Transport on human back:Y
Min. operation temperature [°C]:-10
Max. operation temperature [°C]:55
Max. wind speed [m/sec]:20
Max. humidity [%]:100
Operation Characteristics and Safety 
Min. ø of launch/landing site [m]:15
Training provided:Y
Launching method:Hand or catapult
Automatic launch and landing:Y
Autonomous emergency landing :Y
Collision avoidance systems (CAS):Y
Navigation Sensors 
Type of GNSS receiver and captured signals:
Type of IMU:All-axis
Other sensors and additional information:GPS-less, vision based navigation
Imaging/scanning devices 
Onboard imaging/scanning devices:Camera
Type of Camera:EO & IR camera; 8-14 μm, auto focus
Build-in Stablilsation:Y
Exchangeable :N
Sensor tilting to allow oblique views:Y
Type of Lidar:
Additional Sensors and additional information:
Base Station 
Ground computer included:N
Type of Ground computer:Laptop
Sensor control:Y
Real time image and video download link:Y
Included software and automatically generated 
Type of software included:Flight planning
Automatically Generated Products:
Flight planning software:Solapp
Photogrammetric software:
Point could processing software:

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Supplier Information
  • Delair-Tech

  • 395 Route de Saint Simon
  • 31100 Toulouse
  • France



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