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Product Name:S-Boom
Product Description:The S-Boom is a high power, high resolution repeatable seismic sound source that can be operated at fast repetition rates. The transmitted energy is focussed by the triple plate array geometry to improve the directivity and beam pattern, giving an improvement over traditional sound sources. Perfect UHR package for research, mapping and construction surveys.
Product type:Triple boomer, sub-bottom profiling system
Components to be used in combination with product :CSP Series power supply, AH Series hydrophones
Year of initial development:2010
Application:High Resolution
Max power consumption [W]:5000
Power type:AC
Transducer weight [kg]:54
Transducer length [m]:0.38
Transducer width [m]:0.38
Transducer height [m]:0.10
Weight of logging unit [kg]:
Length of logging unit [m]:
Width of logging unit [m]:
Height of logging unit [m]:
Portability of logger:Desktop, Portable, Rack
Mode of operation 
Platform type:Surface Towed
Operating System:Windows
Min. depth of operation [m]:2
Max. depth of operation [m]:500
Min. frequency [Hz]:100
Max. frequency [Hz]:1500
Signal composition:Broadband
Power output [W]:1000
Max. resolution [m]:0.25
Max. penetration [m]:250
Max. pulse rate [Hz]:3
Max. pulse length [s]:0.000300
Dynamic range [dB]:222
Heave corrected:
Pitch corrected:
Roll corrected:
Data Processing 
Data displayed :Third party data acquisition dependent
Main use:High resolution seabed surveys; geophysical analysis, route cable/pipeline surveys, geohazard survey, pre/post dredging, construction site survey (eg windfarm site), port/waterway survey (tidal energy site) etc
Data output :Third party system dependent
Data output for seafloor classification:
Internal logging:
Integration in work process 
Remote operation:Y
External heave input:
External roll input:
External pitch input:
External positioning input:
Marking of events:
Real time coupling to survey software:Y
Coupling to post-processing software:Y

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Supplier Information
  • Applied Acoustics

  • Gapton Hall Road
  • NR31 ONB Great Yarmouth
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland



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