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DELPH Sonar Software

Product Name:DELPH Sonar Software
Product Description:DELPH SEISMIC, DELPH SONAR and DELPH MAG are complete software packages with dedicated acquisition, processing and interpretation components. They operate with side-scan sonar systems, seismic systems, sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers and gradiometers. DELPH software is a major leap forward in providing geologists, geophysicists and hydrographers with a highly optimized workflow. It offers greater flexibility, a major boost in productivity, and top-level multi-sensor data quality control (QC).
Year of initial development:2014
Year of latest version:
Operating System:
Area of Application:Geophysical exploration, Geotechnical investigation, Structural geology, Cable route survey, Hydrographic survey, Habitat mapping, Pipeline inspection, Unexploded ordnance survey, Marine archaeology
Hardware requirements 
HD (GB):
Processor (CPU):
Languages supported:
Geodetic Functionality 
Supported coordinate systems:
Supported datum transformations:Y
Geographical coordinates (Lat, Long):Y
Ground coordinates (E,N):Y
Seven parameter shift supported:Y
Time-dependent Transformation Parameters (14param):
Supported vertical reference frames  :
Separation model for vertical datum shift support:Y
Local datum support:Y
Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80):
Supported map projections:
Data / System Support 
Recorded data storage formats: 24-bit analog to digital conversion, Opened to all SEGY and XTF formats
Supported hydrographic Systems:Opened to most digital side-scan sonars. Single and dual frequency support. Easy interfacing to navigation data. Raw data logging to XTF format
Supported AUVs:All with XTF and SEGY output
Supported ROVs:All with XTF and SEGY output
Supported ROTVs:All with XTF and SEGY output
Supported underwater positioning systems:
Supported multibeam systems:
Supported surface positioning systems:
Supported singlebeam systems:
Supported sidescan sonar systems:
Supported magnetometer systems:
Supported gyrocompass systems:
Supported motion sensor systems:
Supported imaging systems:
Supported sub-bottom Profiler systems:
Supported total station systems:
Supported ADCP systems:
Supported (underwater) laser scanner systems:
Supported INS:
Metadata management:Y
Time synchronization methods:
Online capabilities 
Helmsman display:
Max. number cloned displays:
Supported background formats:
Available real-time cleaning techniques:
Type of navigation screens:
Survey data types real-time navigation display:
Max number of online displayed ROVs:
Max number of online displayed surface vessels:
Computed orientation solution:
3D real time display:Y
Supported 3D display data :Y
Real time tidal correction methods:
RTK GPS height correction:
Real time video integration:
Real-time Pipe detection:
Real time IHO / IMCA TPU support:
SSS waterfall display :
SSS target annotations:
Backscatter display:
Online filtering options:
Status Views equipment:
Multibeam bathymetry coverage :
Multibeam water column display :
GIS integration:
Remote control:
Real-time DTM vizualization:
Online eventing:
Real-time DTM comparison:

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Supplier Information
  • iXblue

  • 34, rue de la croix de fer -
  • 78100 Saint Germain en Laye
  • France



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