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Product Name:SAMS DT6000
Product Description:SAMS is the multi-mission high productivity seabed mapping sonar that opens new subsea horizons to its users. It is ready to embrace the forthcoming deep sea challenges thanks to the combined use of advanced synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) technology together with iXBlue cutting edge products such as PHINS 6000, POSIDONIA II and ECHOES 5000. The flexible architecture allows easy integration with tow fish and AUV platforms. SAMS is definitely the new multi-purpose tool that will make your missions a success, enabling you to go to -1 000 m or as deep as -6 000 m.
Year of introduction:
System Description 
System type:Stand alone, Integrated
Mode of operation:
Location of digitation:
Transceiver and recorder 
Model name:
Min. AC power [V]:
Max. AC power [V]:
Min. DC power [V]:600
Max. DC power [V]:1200
Power consumption [W]:
Data processing and imaging capabilities:Real-time geo-referenced mozaicking. High productivity (up to 133 km2 / day
Standard system interfacing capabilities:
Generation of firing trigger:
Model identification:
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:
Max. depth rating [m]:6000
Transducer type and material:
Materials used:
Fish height from seabed determination method:
Deployment methods:
Depression technique:
Cable and winch 
Type of Cable supported:
Max. length of cable [m]:
Winch type recommended:
Operating frequencies 
Min. frequency [kHz]:2
Max. frequency [kHz]:6
Min. pulse length [µs]:
Max. pulse length [µs]:100000
Source level [dB] :
Max. range [m]:
Min. beam width [deg]:
Max. beam width [deg]:
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:
Min. depression angle [deg]:
Max. depression angle [deg]:
Max. horizontal resolution [cm]:
Max. vertical resolution [cm]:
Max. operating speed [kt]:7
More information 
Application:Deep sea mineral resources survey. Search & recovery. Buried objects detection. Gallions hunting. Scientific seabed mapping. Oil & gas rig pipe mapping. High-resolution Sub-Bottom Profiling
Distinguishable features :

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Supplier Information
  • iXblue

  • 34, rue de la croix de fer -
  • 78100 Saint Germain en Laye
  • France



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