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Product Name:RIEGL BDF-1
Product Description:The RIEGL BDF-1 is a laser range finder specifically designed for bathymetric surveying tasks. The compact and lightweight device is ideally suited for generating profiles of inland waterbodies when operated from a UAV. The topo-bathymetric depth finder comprises of tilt compensator, an IMU/GNSS unit with antenna, a control unit, and can be equipped with up to two external digital cameras.
Year of last update:2017
Year of introduction :2016
Physical Properties  
Height [cm]:45.0
Length [cm]:14.3
Width [cm]:18.0
Weight [kg]:5.3
Water and dust proof:IP64
Power Supply  
Power requirements:11 - 34 VDC
Type of battery:
Power consumption:typ. 50 W
Operation time on single battery [minutes]:
Laser Pulse Characteristics 
Laser class:2M
Wavelength [nm]:532
Standard pulse length [ns]:
Beam divergence [mrad]:
Min. range of laser pulse [m]:1
Max. range of laser pulse [m]:50
Measurement Characteristics  
Scanning method:time of flight measurement
Range accuracy [mm]:10
Scanning Speed [measurements p second]:4000
Multiple pulses in air:N
Min. pulse frequency [Hz]:4000
Max. pulse frequency [Hz]:4000
Max. field of view [degrees]:
Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse:
Recording of intensity of return signal [bits]:16
Positioning System 
Number of GNSS positioning sensors:
Type of GNSS positioning sensors:Optional: APX 15
Typical positioning accuracy [cm] :
Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured:
Type of INS or IMU:
Gyroscopes Bias In-Run stability [deg p hr]:
Operation Characteristics 
Requirements for compatible UAVs:
Camera included:Optional
Camera specifications:RGB digital camera
Control and user interface:
Data and Software 
Type of storage:SDXC (SD 3.0) Slot
Max. storage space [mb]:2000000
Included software:
Main applications:Generation of River Profiles; Repeated Survey of Water Reservoirs; Canal Surveying; Landscaping; Surveys for Planning and Hydraulic Engineering Work;
Training, maintanence and support:
Distinguishable features:Laser rangefinder for bathymetric applications ••Surveying system with integrated IMU, GNSS, and data storage unit ••Optimized for UAV-borne operation ••Ideally suited for generating profiles of inland waterbodies •• Optionally equipped with up to two external cameras •• Active pitch compensation •• Essential performance improvements in adverse conditions by predetection averaging •• Highly accurate, reliable and informative bathymetric data resulting from RIEGL‘s proprietary hydrographic waveform processing

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