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WIZ in-situ probe

Product Name:WIZ in-situ probe
Product Description:Water In-situ analyZer (WIZ) is the state of the art portable “in-situ” probe, to measure up to four chemical parameters continuously in surface waters or marine environments. The innovative design allows an easy handling and field deployment by the user. WIZ probe allows, in the standard configuration, the detection at trace levels of four nutrient parameters (orthophosphate, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate). WIZ probe autonomously manages the well known spectrophotometric wet chemistries and an advanced fluorimetric method for ammonia measurement. Analytical methods have been developed for several other parameters including silicates, iron and trace metals which are available on request. The WIZ probe is composed as standard by the analytical unit and the reagents canister; standard accessories are the mooring frame, 10 m submergible 12 Vdc + RS-232 serial cable and the flight case; a second reagent canister is suggested to quickly replace reagents on field. The probe can be powered by an external 12 Vdc source. Usually a 25 microns filter with antifouling capability (manual cleaning) is mounted on the sample inlet. The design and compact size allows an easy deployment from coastal buoys and floating platforms; the stand-alone installation layout including auto-cleaning filtration system, autonomous photovoltaic panel power supply, rechargeable battery and WIZlog data-logger
Area of application:Water quality monitoring
Year of initial development::2009
Year of latest version:2016
Field of Use:Field based water quality monitoring
Sensor type:Nitrate
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM memory [GB]:
HD [GB]:
Operating System:Windows
Dedicated software:Y
Processor (CPU):
Software:WIZ Control Panel
Power supply and communication 
Power supply min. [V]:11
Power supply max. [V]:13
Operating current [Amp]:0.35
Output interface {eg. rs232}:RS-232
Output format {eg. ascii}:ASCII
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:9
Weight in water [kg]:0
Width [m]:0.140
Length [m]:0,535
Material:PVC, AISI 316 (mooring frame)
Min. operating temperature [°C] :6
Max. operating temperature [°C] :30
Max. operating depth [m]:10
Mounting possibilities:To be Integrated on coastal buoys or floating platforms By stand-alone using optional WIZbuoy system
CO2 sensor specifications 
CO2 sensor type:
Range [ppm]:
Accuracy [%]:
Resolution [ppm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading}:
Oxygen sensor specifications 
Oxygen sensor type:
Response time [sec]:
Range [μatm]:
Accuracy [μatm]:
Resolution [μatm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading):
Methane sensor specifications 
Methane sensor type:
Range [μatm]:
Accuracy [μatm]:
Resolution [μatm]:
Initial accuracy {±% of reading):
Turbidity sensor specifications 
Turbidity sensor type:
Range [NTU]:
Accuracy [NTU or % of reading]:
Resolution [NTU]:
LED wave length min. [nm]:
LED wave length max. [nm]:
PH sensor specifications 
pH sensor type:
pH reference sensor:
Range [pH]:
Accuracy [pH]:
Resolution [pH]:
Temperature compensation:
Pressure sensor specifications 
Pressure sensor type:
Range [bar]:
Line pressure Max [bar]:
Accuracy [% of span]:
Resolution [% of span]:
Drift [% for time]:
Nitrate sensor specifications 
Nitrate sensor type:Wet chemistry by VCl3 reduction and NED-SAA spectrophotometric method
Range of detection max. [µM]:1000
Accuracy [± µM]:0.15
Initial accuracy {±% of reading}:5
resolution [µM]:0.1
Additional sensors 
Additional sensors:NO2, wet chemistry by NED-SAA spectrophotometric method PO4, wet chemistry by Molibdenum blue spectrophotometric method NH3, wet chemistry by OPA fluorimetric method
Additional information:Please refer to Web site
More information 
Distinguishable features:Multiparametric probe, up to four parameters in one unit Fast exchange reagents canister

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Supplier Information
  • SYSTEA S.p.A.

  • Via Fratta Rotonda Vado Largo, 2A
  • 03012 Anagni
  • FR
  • Italy



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