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VIY3-500 GPR

Product Name:VIY3-500 GPR
Description:VIY3-500 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used for location and analysis of underground objects using electromagnetic pulse radiation up to 4 meters depth (or thickness). VIY3-500 GPR is suitable for searching of both metallic and dielectric objects (pipes, communications, voids, building constructions, etc.).

Basic applications:
- Search for pipes and communication items;
- Examination of engineering construction (building walls and basements, etc);
- Search for reinforcement rods in building constructions;
- Search for hidden and immured objects;

- Real time signal pre-processing (Online filtering)
- Automatic-Calibrated online filters
- Wide range of post processing filters
- Increased dynamic range due to digital traces-stacking
- High signal-to-noise ration due to innovative Telbin technology
- Automatic recognition of connected antenna
- Antenna to laptop connection through WiFi or USB (cable connection)
- All GPR components (antennas system, electronic modules, battery, etc.) are assembled in a single case
- No additional Control Unit. Any Windows-based computer (laptop) can be use to work with VIY3 GPR
- Direct connecting of Measuring wheel and GPS to antenna unit
- Antenna unit can be mounted on the Handcart Cart-36 or can be pulled along the ground by transport belt
- Bidirectional odometer. User can perform sounding in both directions: back and forth
- Low power consumption: not less than 8 hours of working session before next charging
- Sealed lead acid batteries permitted for air-carrying
- Non- inflatable solid wheels of the Handcart
- Durable antenna body from fiberglass plastic
- Replaceable bottom protector to use antenna without the Handcart
- Each antenna set is ready to use without purchasing any additional accessories
Year of Initial Introduction:2004
Application Type:Pipes & Cables, Concrete Structure, Road/Bridges Inspection, Archaelogical & Environmental, Mining & Geology, Object Detection (search& Resque, bomb detection)
Mounting:Handheld, Carriage, Vehicle-borne
Max Power Consumption {W}:4
Power Type:Battery {DC}
Control Module 
Type:Integrated in antenna assembly
Weight [kg]:
Size (mm):
Power Consumption :
Pulse Repetition Frequency (Hz):
Time Window (ns):32, 50, 64, 80
Samples Per Trace:1000
Number Of Antennas Connections:1
Hardware Amplification:Y
Hardware Filtering:Y
Power consumption [W]:
Minimum Operating Temperature (Celsius):
Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius):
Operating System:Windows
Weight (kg):
Display Type:
Display Size (inches):
Display Resolution:
Storage Type:
Storage Size (GB):
Data Format:SGY, Proprietary
Weight [kg]:2.5
Type:Integrated (In a box)
Peak Frequency (MHz):
Central Frequency (MHz):500
Frequency Range:
Bandwidth (GHz):
Size (mm3):
Antenna Seperation (cm):18
Output Power (dB):
Type:Odometer, Wheel, GPS
Position Resolution:

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