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PointCab 4Revit

Product Name:PointCab 4Revit
Product Description:
Year of initial introduction :2011
Year of last update:2016
Field of use:PointCab 4Revit eliminates the complex and costly importing, navigating, and measuring in point cloud data in Autodesk Revit. You can concentrate fully on creating your model. To achieve this, PointCab connects directly to Revit and transfers 3D information for the creation of walls, doors and windows, columns, and fixtures and fittings.
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM [GB]:2
HD [GB]:10
Processor (CPU):1 GHz
Data, interoperability and data collection 
Data sharing options :Revit functions
Mobile field data collection:Y
Synchronisation with other project and planning tools :Revit functions
Import and export formats [BIM]:Revit functions
Import and export formats [General CAD] :Revit functions
Import and export formats [Other formats]:Revit functions
Compatible databases:Revit functions
SDK or API description:None
Languages supported:English, German
Compatibility with project planning software:Revit functions
Compatibility with design systems:Revit functions
Modelling and visualisation 
3D model from 2D map extraction:Y
Point cloud modelling :Y
Automated modelling options from point clouds:Lines
Rendering and animation capabilities :Ortho image, 2D floor plan
Material and texture capabilities:Revit functions
3D interference and collision detection :Revit functions
Contruction sequencing [Create material ordering, fabrication and delivery schedules]:Revit functions
Cost estimation [Material quantities and costs are automatically extracted]:Revit functions
Construction simulation [Time and cost simulation and management]:Revit functions
Planning and management 
Cost Estimation :Revit functions
Phase planning:Revit functions
Schedule linking with other projects:Revit functions
Site analysis:Revit functions
Disaster planning:Revit functions
Asset management:Revit functions
Maintenance scheduling:Revit functions
Analyses and simulation 
Mechanical analysis :Revit functions
Acoustical analysis:Revit functions
Thermal analysis:Revit functions
Lightning analysis:Revit functions
Energy analysis and sustainability data :Revit functions
Green building considerations :Revit functions
Time series analysis and lifecycle data:Revit functions
Other analyses and reports:Revit functions
Distinguishable features :Optimized workflow, very fast point cloud handling, easy to learn
Support:Email and
Training:1 hour training
Typical applications:Fast 3D BIM creation from point clouds

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