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WaveGuide Direction

Product Name:WaveGuide Direction
Product Description:The Radac WaveGuide Direction is an accurate radar system incorporating advanced technologies that make it an easy to use, reliable and robust device to measure tide, wave direction, wave height and wave period. This system is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions and is particularly suited to marine and offshore installations. With an array of three radars, the elevation of the sea surface is measured at three positions. These positions form a virtual triangle at the water surface by pointing one radar perpendicularly downwards and tilt the other two. Knowing the slope of the water surface and the phase relations between the three positions, the wave direction can be calculated.
Year of initial development:2012
Year of latest version:2017
Operating System:Linux - dbian
Area of application:Offshore wind farms (transformator platforms and wind turbines) Offshore oil & gas platforms, Coastal defense.
Field of Use:Used for measuring wave direction, wave height and tide for optimizing weather windows in offshore operations and increase safety.
Languages Supported:Radac message format, SESAM, FGTI
Output parameters:Heave, S0bh, Hm0, Czz10, Th0, Tmax, Hmax, and more
Type of wave recorder:Radar
Direction wave or non-directional:Direction wave
Hardware/software requirements 
HD [GB]:
Dedicated software:N
Processor (CPU):
Operating system:
Data provided / logged, :raw data, statistical, spectral analysis
Power supply and communication 
Power supply (internal/external with specs):24-64 VDC, 22,8 W
Operating current :
Output interface {eg. rs232}:RS232, Ethernet
Analogue output:
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:36
Weight in water [kg]:
Width [cm]:26
Length [cm]:27
Housing material:stainless steel
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:60
Pressure sensor 
Type of sensor :
Range :
Accuracy :
Resolution :
Temperature sensor 
Type of sensor :
Range :
Accuracy :
Resolution :
Compass sensor  
Type of sensor :
Range :
Accuracy :
Resolution :
Current sensor  
Type of sensor :
Accuracy :
Resolution :
Operating properties 
Max. depth rating [m]:
Output data format:ASCII
Sampling rate:5 Hz
Number of samples:
Deployment depth {m}:
Other specifications 
Additional sensors:
Additional capabilities:
More information:

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Supplier Information
  • Radac B.V.

  • Elektronicaweg 16b
  • 2628 XG Delft
  • Netherlands



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