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Product Name:vMS3D
Product Description:The Mobile Mapping System is unique: thanks to the know-how of VIAMETRIS, this solution is able to map even difficult area thanks to one additional sensor dedicated to trajectory computation based on SLAM* technology. Gathering HD panoramic camera and high resolution scanner, this MMS is ideal for your land survey.
Year of initial introduction:2016
Year of last update:2017
Dimensions & Environment 
Size with case :500x400x300
Weight [kg]:17
Min. Operation temp. [°C]:-10
Max. Operation temp. [°C]:+50
Max. humidity [%]:100
GNSS receiver: Brand and model :Novatel
Number of antennas:1
Update rate of GNSS receiver:10
IMU: Brand and model :SBG Systems - Ellipse D
IMU update rate [kHz]:0.2
Wheel sensor: Brand and model :-
Number of wheel sensors:0
Ground control point integration supported:Y
Camera System  
Brand and model :PointGrey
Number of cameras:6
Spectral Bands [PAN, RGB, NIR, CIR]:RGB
CCD size [.. x .. pixels]:8000*4000
Pixel size [micron]:4.4
FoV per camera [deg]:360
Maximum frames/sec. per camera :10
Export formats:JPG, PGR
Intensity coding {bit}:12
Lidar Sensor 
Range precision (1 σ) :2
Number of laser scanners:2
Wavelength [nm]:905
Laser safety classification:1
Min. Range [m]:1
Max Range [m]:60
Beam diameter at exit [mm]:0
Beam divergence [mrad]:0
Spot at 50m distance [mm]:0
Intensity recording [bit] :8
Max. vertical field of view [deg]:360
Max. measurement rate [kHz]:700
Scans per second:700,000
Export formats:LAS, XYZ, PTS, BIN
Absolute accuracy (1 σ): :3
Measurements per laser pulse:1
Control Unit 
Size hard disk [GB]:256
WiFi :N
I/O port(s) :Ethernet
Included Processing Software 
Photogrammetry Software:No
Laser Point Clouds Software:VIAMETRIS PPiMMS
Project Management Software:-
Other Software:-
Recommended software (If no software included):Novatel GrafNav
Max. speed [km/hr]:70
Operating time [hr]:10
Built-in Stabilisation :Y
Distinguishing features :6-DOF SLAM for poor GNSS reception area
Main Applications :Road survey GIS Rail survey Robotics
Training provided :1 day

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Supplier Information

  • Boulevard de la Communication - Koi centre d'Affaires
  • 53950 Louverné
  • Outside U.S./Canada
  • France



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