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Product Name:STIM210
Product Description:STIM210 is a multi-axis gyro module with up to 3 axes of highly accurate MEMS gyros
Area of application:Navigation Stabilization Industrial Agriculture Aerospace Maritime Subsea Defense
Field of Use:STIM210 is a small, tactical grade, affordable, robust and reliable, ultra high performance (Bias Stability 0.5°/h, ARW 0.15°/√h) MEMS gyro module with up to 3 axes. An integrated 32-bit microcontroller enables flexible user configuration. Electronic axis alignment is standard.
Languages Supported:English
Hardware/software requirements 
HD [GB]:
Processor (CPU):
Operating System:
Dedicated software:
Physical Properties  
Weight {kg}:
Width [m]:
Length [m]:
Height [m]:
Housing material:
Heading specifications 
Type of sensor:
Angular rate range:
Settling time :
Band width:
Electronics and communication 
Input Voltage:
Power Consumption (max):
Data Interface:
Data Rate:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:
Angle Random Walk (25°C):
Bias Offset (25°C):
Bias Instability (constant temp) :
Bias Vibration Rectification:
Scale-Factor Non-Linearity (max rate, 25°C):
Scale-Factor Full Temp (≤ 1 °C/min) :
Shock Survivability:
More information 
Distinguishable features :
More information:

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Supplier Information
  • Sensonor

  • Knudsrødveien 7
  • 3194 Horten
  • Norway



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