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Phantom T5 Defender

Product Name:Phantom T5 Defender
Product Description:The Phantom®T5 Defender is one of the next generation of proven, reliable underwater robotics pioneered by Deep Ocean Engineering in its manufacture of remotely operated vehicles (ROV), built in the USA for nearly four decades. The advanced technology of the Phantom® T series ROV platform provides powerful maneuverability, incorporates an open architecture, integrates with a wide variety of sensors and is hand-built on a rugged, resilient, non-corroding polypropylene chassis that can accommodate heavier payloads. The design of its four vectored horizontal and one vertical Tecnadyne® thrusters provides significant control and propulsion in current to maneuver efficiently in all directions. The Phantom®T5 Defender is equipped with high-performance, magnetically coupled thrusters, HD camera, LED lighting, control console and power unit, and a 300m fiber umbilical. In addition, the Phantom®T5 Defender package is engineered to include navigation software, an Inertial Navigation System (INS), Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), GPS, imaging sonar, a single-function manipulator, and our patent-pending underwater breech for explosive ordinance disposal. The Phantom®T5 includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Year of Initial Development:
Year of last update:
Type:Light work, Observation, Work class
Length [m]:0.89
Width [m]:0.56
Height [m]:0.41
Weight in air [kg]:65.8
Max. payload [kg]:
Min. AC input voltage [V]:90
Max. AC input voltage [V]:250
Input power [W]:3300
Type of power:Electric
Power of vehicle system [W]:
Power of tooling options [W]:
Tether Management System (TMS) 
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:
Surface Control Unit (SCU) 
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:
Launch and Recovery System (LARS) 
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:
Input AC voltage [V]:
Input power [W]:
Umbilical cable 
Type :Deep Ocean Engineering's Fiber-Net
Standard length [m]:300
Max. length [m]:2500
Diameter [mm]:12.7
Type of Tether:
Standard length [m]:
Max. length [m]:
Diameter [m]:
Speed and thrust 
Max. forward [kts]:3.0
Max. lateral [kts]:3.0
Max. up [kts]:
Max. down [kts]:
Max. Vertical during deployment [m/min]:
Number of forward trusters:4
Type of forward trusters:
Number of vertical trusters:1
Type of vertical trusters:
Number of lateral trusters:4
Type of lateral trusters:
Thrust forward [kg]:63.0
Thrust backward [kg]:
Thrust lateral [kg]:14.0
Thrust vertical [kg]:17.0
Max. depth rating [m]:500
Min. operating temperature [C]:
Max. operating temperature [C]:
Automatic depth control:
Automatic heading control:
Auto pilot:
Dynamic Positioning:
Lights and cameras 
Number of lights:2
Type of Lights:Front facing LED lights 6000 lumens
Number of cameras:1
Type of cameras:Sony DH camera (1920x1080). Rear/auxiliary camera optional 30x opitcal zoom; 12x digital zoom with image stabilization
Camera resolution [TV lines]:
Camera sensitivity [Lx]:
Camera Booms:
Max. camera pan angle [deg]:
Max. camera tilt angle [deg]:90
Pitch and roll:
Max. pitch and roll angle [deg]:
Pitch and roll resolution [deg]:
Pitch and roll uncertainty [deg]:
Heading resolution [deg]:
Heading uncertainty [deg]:
Depth uncertainty [%]:
Pressure resolution [%]:
Interfaces and protocols for sensors:
Interfaces with standard bottles :
Controls and indicators 
Type of monitor:
Audio overlay:
Video overlay:
Scanning sonar option:
Standard manipulators:
Optional manipulators:
Tooling capabilities:
Number of available tooling ports:
Max. pressure for tooling ports [Bar]:
Max. flow for tooling ports [litre/min]:
Available tooling packages:
Compatible with tooling standards:
More information 
Main applications:Homeland Security, Search and Recovery Operations, Port Security, Explosive Ordinance Disposal
Distinguishable features :

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