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Songbird 1400

Product Name:Songbird 1400
Product Description:
Year of initial development::2014
Year of last update:2017
Typical Applications:Surveying, Mapping, Surveillance, Agriculture, Tra
Brand :Songbird 1400 VTOL UAV
Max. payload [kg]:1.4
Max. stay in the air [min]:70
Max. speed [km/h]:160
Max. height above ground [m]:2000
ø / wingspan [cm]:306
Height [cm]:60
Weight [kg]:4.5
Weight of battery [kg]:1.8
Weight of filled fuel tank [kg]:6.0
Number of rotors:4
Transport on human back:N
Min. operation temperature [°C]:-10
Max. operation temperature [°C]:40
Max. wind speed [m/sec]:19
Max. humidity [%]:99
Operation Characteristics and Safety 
Min. ø of launch/landing site [m]:5
Training provided:Y
Launching method:VTOL
Automatic launch and landing:Y
Autonomous emergency landing :Y
Collision avoidance systems (CAS):N
Navigation Sensors 
Type of GNSS receiver and captured signals:
Type of IMU:Pixhawk or Embention
Correction services [PPK, RTK]:
Other sensors and additional information:
Imaging/scanning devices 
Onboard imaging/scanning devices:RGB Camera, Lidar, Additional sensors, Gimbal, NIR Camera, SWIR Camera
Type of Camera:Sony
Build-in Stablilsation:Y
Exchangeable :Y
Sensor tilting to allow oblique views:Y
Type of Lidar:Yellowscan
Additional Sensors and additional information:
Base Station 
Ground computer included:Y
Type of Ground computer:Tablet or Rugged Notebook
Sensor control:Y
Real time image and video download link:Y
Included software and automatically generated 
Type of software included:Block adjustment, Camera self-calibration, Flight planning
Automatically Generated Products:
Flight planning software:GD Pilot
Photogrammetric software:
Point could processing software:
Additional information on software or automatically generated products:
Transportation accessories:
Included batteries and charger:
More included products and spare parts:

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